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There is one super powerful and effective travel tip—one thing you can do—to ensure that you save money on every trip. One thing? Yes, one thing!

Whether you want to get lower airfares, save money on hotels or lodging, find the best car rental rates, less expensive cruises or travel packages, or cheaper meals—you simply have to follow this one travel tip.

Only one cost-saving travel tip? Yes, and it is so simple.

one cost-saving travel tip will help you score a luxury rental car
upgrade your travel experience with this ONE travel tip

#1 Travel Tip for Successfully Saving Money

If everyone followed this one travel tip, then I would have nothing to teach. Most travel agents would be out of business.

Travelers would be happier, because they would be saving money, time, and stress while having more fun.

Are you ready?

First a short explanation.

Consumers, in any industry but especially travel, save money when they open themselves to as many choices as possible. Make sense?

When a travel consumer uses the same travel supplier (airline, hotel chain, etc.), then he or she misses all the opportunities from other suppliers. Someone can be loyal to a brand because of a great prior experience, frequent user points, or familiarity (same brand that parents, friends, or company uses).

Avoiding other brands because of loyalty means potentially missing better rates.

If you want to save money, it makes sense to NOT be loyal to any brand.


Furthermore, the more open you are to other travel options, the better chance you have to save money.

For example, instead of always using the same airport, consider other nearby and even further alternate airports. Instead of always staying in a hotel, consider staying in alternate lodging.

These things are not scary. Besides being an effective cost-saving travel tip, doing such things will likely lead to more fun and memorable travel experiences.

Thank you for reading this far. Without any more delay, here is the:

#1 Money-Saving Travel Tip

*** Be FLEXIBLE ***

Very simple. Very powerful.

But not always easy (just being real).

If you have attended any of my travel seminars or classes, you already know this. I start and close (or try to!) each session by referring to this—being flexible as the #1 travel tip to save money on your next and every trip.

In order to get the best travel deal, be FLEXIBLE regarding the supplier (airline, rental car company, cruise line, etc.), destinations, itineraries, and methods you use.

Here are a few ways to be flexible and save money, time, and stress on your next trip:

It takes practice to learn to be flexible and look at alternatives to traditional travel solutions. But even varying your dates or times of travel can often make a huge difference.

Remember, the best travel tip is to BE FLEXIBLE.

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