10 Tips for First Time Cannabis Vapers – Tips You Should Know!

If you have never tried cannabis before and are considering giving it a shot, then we have the perfect guide for you.

Smoking, though a fun way of consuming cannabis, is not the best option when it comes to your health. Instead, try vaporizing the cannabis to maximize the health benefits you get from it.

This is because a vaporizer delivers the cannabis to your bloodstream through your lungs, just like smoking, but without the smoke – perfect for a first-time user! By inhaling or vaping it, you can give into the most de-stressing experience of your life. You will feel it calming your nerves and soothing you in no time. The feeling may last up to 3 to 6 hours, but this varies from strain to strain and individual to individual.

Here is a list of our suggestions to make your first ever vaping experience, a memory to cherish.

  1. Create an ambience – When you get ready for some downtime, creating the right ambience is important. Play your favorite songs, dim the light. Make sure to vape in trusted company. For first-time cannabis vapers, the right atmosphere can make a huge difference. Cannabis works wonders by relaxing your body, mind and soul. The right music and lighting can enhance your session greatly.
  2. Plan your routine – It is a great idea to vape at night. After the whole day’s work is over and there are no more responsibilities to fulfill, unwind with cannabis. If you are a creative person looking for instant inspiration, grab that sativa immediately. As cannabis is for enjoyment, try to avoid any engagement around the time you wish to indulge. Getting cbd oils for sleep after vaping can help you get that much-needed comfort.
  3. Choose the strain – There are three types of strains to choose from. They are sativa, indica and hybrids. Sativa strains are a mental high and help you unleash and tap into your creative potential. Indica strains come with more of a body high, relieve pain, improve appetite and help you sleep better. Hybrid strains are a mixture of the two and can be the perfect combination for those who seek both kinds of high. Before visiting the dispensary, assess your needs and get the strain that suits your requirements best strain.
  4. How much to consume – There is no fixed dose on what you should take in. If it is not medical marijuana, then the amount is completely your discretion. If you are a first-timer, take as little as possible in the first puff. After an interval of 20 minutes take in a one or two more puffs. Your body weight, BMI, mental health state and general tolerance contribute to what an ideal dose for you. It’s not possible to overdose on marijuana, so feel free to experiment with various amounts and see what works for you the best.
  5. Eat well – Many vapers believe that eating well provides for the best experience ever. There is a high chance that you will feel hungry when consuming cannabis, so stock up on some easy calories before you start vaping. Some people even chew black peppercorns as they fight your hunger and any associated paranoiaendocannabinoid system.
  6. Settle down – Wear loose clothes. Find a place to lie down. Get a cozy chair, bean bag or a even a swing. Vaping a good strain is the best relaxation a person can ever experience. To have an extended good feeling, get as comfortable as you can. Set the temperature at an optimum level to put your body at ease. If you are at a friend’s place getting high, carry your most comfortable pajamas or the duvet that you cannot do without.
  7. Avoid public places – Getting high in front of people will not give you the pleasure that you are looking for. Though smoking cannabis is legal in certain places, unnecessary disruptions can always happen. People who are unaware of the law or have some misunderstandings can bring trouble to you. Stay safe and enjoy your weed at a comfortable place, away from distractions. Before going to use cannabis, first check the user guide of cbd oils.
  8. Invest in a good vape pen – Depending on what type or strain you plan to use, select the vaporizer. Stationary vaporizers are available, but they are cumbersome to use. the vape pens are the best. Use the right cartridge for the vape or mod that is suitable for use. Different varieties have different settings and not recommended for all types of cannabis. Select the strain first and ask at your dispensary for suggestions on the best medium to consume it. Do not forget to mention that you are a first time user.
  9. Give edibles a miss – A first-time cannabis vapers should not munch on a cannabis brownies or a lollipop. The amount of cannabis present on such edibles is quite high and a first-time user may not be able to handle that very well. Cannabis consumed via food can take more time to work, so most first-timers end up consuming more cannabis than they should have.
  10. The feeling – It releases a spurt of innovativeness and can make you feel energized. There are certain strains which help you to sleep better and cbd can relieve body aches. The moment it starts working, time will slow down for you. Many people experience a sinking feeling for a split second before getting a hug-like comfort.

Though regular, day-to-day activities can be fun when high, it’s recommended that you not operate heavy machinery or drive when under the influence as it can be a risk factor. If you feel dizziness, dry mouth, hunger or other issues seek solace in water, food or sleep.

Vaping cannabis can get you the right high without the adverse effects of smoking it in a joint or a pipe. Enjoy as you indulge but make sure to be responsible and you’ll turn from a first-time cannabis users to a wannabe Snoop Dogg in no time at all!