20 Years of Good Times


One of the most iconic cannabis songs of all time turns 20 today, and Styles P will be celebrating Good Times/I Get High’s anniversary with The Original Z team in New York City. 

If there was a Last Supper portrait of iconic weed songs, Good Times would be sitting very close to Jesus. The solo effort from The Lox legend first hit the airwaves in 2002 in the tension of post-9/11 America; it has owned a spot in the heart of cannabis and hip hop enthusiasts ever since. While sometimes cannabis tunes could feel gimmicky, Good Times always had the vibe of puffing hard and being about that life. 

The Swizz Beatz-produced song would help push Styles P’s debut solo album, A Gangster and a Gentleman, as high as number six on the Billboard charts. Individually the song would reach as high as 22 on the Billboard Hot 100. A Gangster and a Gentleman was certified gold a couple of months after its release. 

Styles P and Z

We chatted with Styles P and Field from The Original Z about the planned festivities. Field started the conversation noting the pair saw eye to eye on a lot in life outside cannabis. He’s wanted to collaborate with Styles since he first entered the cannabis space.

“We don’t like to work with everybody,” Field told L.A. Weekly. “We want to work with the people that we feel like are influential in our lives, as well.”

As for today, it all goes down at Irving Plaza. We asked the pair what attendees could expect. 

“A great fucking time and great weed,” Styles P replied. “Great performances, just a cool event man. 

The Weed and The Moment

Field noted how special it was to celebrate the song’s anniversary during this transformative moment in New York weed culture. The Original Z team is bringing out a new strain to celebrate the moment and to share with those in attendance at the concert. 

As the New York industry develops, Styles noted now is the time to be men of action. 

“A lot of us have good relationships, good rapport, but it’s time we start doing more shit together,” Styles said. “Being smarter with it, with sales. He’s a great businessman. I’m a businessman. So when you’re friendly, you’re cool with somebody, it’s only sensible that you start busting plays. Especially when it’s someone who is like-minded and has pretty much the same interests.”

We asked Styles when the first time he smoked Z was. He noted it was many years ago, but the first time he smoked it with Field was at Chalice in 2017. 

“I got to smoke, go to bed, and smoke when I wake up. I pretty much smoke when I’m happy, smoke when I’m sad, I pretty much smoke for fucking every occasion,” Styles said with a laugh. “So that was one of the first strains I think that hit the stoner community hard, as well as the rap community.”

Styles went on to discuss what feels different about cannabis in NYC now that it’s legal. “The only thing I have to say actually feels different is just smoking in front of cops, like freely. That’s the only thing that feels different; other than that, for me, it’s pretty much like the same exact shit,” Styles said. 

Currently, Field is only working in the California and Oregon markets. We asked with how protective The Original Z team is of its hard work breeding champions, how difficult does it make it to find someone in New York they trust with the cut? And separately that will grow it to a quality they see fit. 

“There are some cultivators around here we’ve looked at you know, we’re just taking our time as far as actually like bringing the brand here besides working in the capacity that we are with the strain game,” Field said. 

There also is a T-shirt to memorialize the show at Irving Plaza this Thursday that you can purchase at www.yobuttafly.com.





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