2022 Was The Year Of The ‘Super Champ’ On ‘Jeopardy!’


In case you weren’t watching, 2022 turned out to be a great year to be a Jeopardy! fan. While the world weighed in on the Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik hosting split, the contestants were giving their all. Let’s take a look back at some of the most impressive Jeopardy! runs from the last year.

Amy Schneider Beat Matt Amodio’s Impressive Streak

We got off to an exciting start this year thanks to Super Champion Amy Schneider. The Ohio-based writer became the first woman to win over a million dollars on the show. She also made Jeopardy! history with her 40-game win streak.

Although Schneider’s historic run came to an end on January 26, she holds the record for the second-longest winning streak in the show’s history. During her more than five weeks on the show, she took home $1,382,800, making her the fourth-highest earner of all time.

Astoundingly, she beat the streak of the former second-place holder, Matt Amodio, who set his own 38-win record just a few months prior. Yet, during her two extra games, she didn’t quite surpass Amodio’s $1,518,601 winnings. Both Amodio and Schneider returned to the Jeopardy! stage for the Tournament of Champions this fall.

Amodio, unfortunately, didn’t make it past the semi-finals. The Yale University alum lost out to the Professors’ Tournament champion Sam Buttrey. Schneider, on the other hand, did succeed. She took home ultimate victory along with the $250,000 grand prize, solidifying her place in the Jeopardy! record books.

Mattea Roach Won 24 Games

Just when fans thought Jeopardy! couldn’t get any more exciting, Mattea Roach took the podium. Back in April, the then 23-year-old Canadian tutor shocked everyone by embarking on a 23-game winning streak. Roach also made history, raking in the fifth most wins on the show. That means that within seven months, Jeopardy! saw three of its top five winners take the stage.

While no one else rose that far in the ranks in 2022, there were certainly some other impressive Super Champions. For example, Philadelphia-based rideshare driver Ryan Long impressed fans with his 16 consecutive wins and stellar collection of sweater vests. Both Roach and Long returned for the Tournament of Champions, although neither was able to claim victory in their games.

Yet, 2022 still had more excitement in store. In October, Cris Pannullo took the stage for the first time. The former professional gambler impressed with his lightning-fast gameplay and stellar accuracy—although even he was stumped by a few Final Jeopardy! questions this year. It’s clear Jeopardy! contestants gave their all in 2022, and we hope 2023 brings just as much excitement to America’s favorite game show!

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