3 iOS Security Aps That Will Save Your iPhone!


Your iPhone is a fantastic piece of equipment that brings so much to the fun and functionality table, so why is it that we seldom take proper care of this wonderful device? As well as costing a pretty penny, most of us have all kinds of sensitive information on the hard drive. Just imagine the grief that would enter your world if nefarious hands had their way with your Apple Smartphone? But don’t let us scare you too much because we have come bearing gifts. We’ve found 3 very slick and effective applications that will keep both the thief and the hacker well away from your lovely iPhone. So please take a few minutes to digest the rest of this short article and see if you can grab one before it’s too late!

Find My iPhone

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and it will require iOS 7.0 or later for smooth running. Okay, the name of this bad boy should put you in the picture straight away, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. You will need to sync it in with your iCloud but that is pretty simple to sort out. As long as you turn the application on, you’ll be well and truly protected. If your phone is taken, you’ll be able to track it with this cool application. You can also send a rather loud siren to the phone and even wipe your sensitive data before those grubby mitts on it. We love this App and really think you should download it now!


This App will run on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and it will require iOS 5.1 or later for smooth running. Okay, our second iOS security application is all about protecting the sensitive data that lives on your Smartphone. Make no mistake, because you can really come unstuck if you fail to take good care of these details. VirusBarrier can really help you to keep those scumbags away from your precious files. You can look out for malware files by using the manual scanning function, and your emails will also come under the scrutiny of this fabulous App.

SplashID Safe Password Manager

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and it will require iOS 5.1 or later for smooth running. Our final iOS security application is a real slick piece of work that will protect all of your passwords, account numbers, registration codes and so much more. It uses a cool automatic password generator that will fool most of the hackers out there and the 256-bit Blowfish encryption really takes care of the back end rather nicely. This can sync nicely over Wi-Fi without any loss of security ad we would not hesitate to recommend this application to anyone with more than one password to remember. Your dog security brisbane secret codes will be as safe as houses here.

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