4 Safe Practices For Roadside Mishaps


You never know when your brakes will break down or when your tires will go flat. It just happens – sometimes in the middle of nowhere. That is why it is important to keep in mind a few considerations in case you need emergency breakdown services or towing services.  To be on the safe side, always consider the following 4 do’s and don’ts anytime your car breaks down while driving on a highway.

Never park your car on the side of the road

This is one of the most important practices that every motorist should follow. Vehicles often come with breakneck speed, not expecting anything on their way. Simply find a private lane or a mid lane and stay there until help arrives.

Switch on the hazard lights

Switch on the hazard lights as soon as you have parked your vehicle. This is the only way you can alert other motorists that your car has broken down. The lights can be seen from miles, so other road users will know you are signaling for help. Remember to park your car at a clear place; somewhere not obstructed by a rock, a turn, a building or anything that can obstruct your car from being visible from miles away.

Call for help

This is where highway agencies and emergency roadside assistance services come into the picture. Be sure to give the exact details of your current location as well as details of what went wrong with your car. To save on the costs that are often associated with breakdown and towing services, be a member of one such service provider. Most of them charge less for members compared to what they charge non-members.

Call your loved ones

This is very important. Let them know where you are and whether or not you are expecting help. This mostly applies to when one is traveling at night. With all the hazards that come along with darkness, providing some information to your loved ones on your situation will give them the peace of mind that nothing will go amiss.

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