5 BEST Cougar Dating Sites and Apps for Meeting ‘Milfs’ Online


Hollywood has represented these pristine MILFs in movies like American Pie when Stiffler’s mom got banged by Finch (and Stiffler returned the favor to Finch’s mom later in the film). Young men are now hooking up with these older women by the droves for casual sex because they don’t like the headaches of playing kitten games with the youngins. 

Traditional stereotypes of men seeking only younger women are shattered with cougar websites. Older women who got the ‘hots’ for young studs are getting their cake and eating it, and vice versa. Let’s check the best cougar dating sites online today.

Best Cougar Sites for Meeting ‘Milfs’

  1. Best cougar dating site overall – CougarLife
  2. Best site for finding sex with ‘milfs’- Ashley Madison
  3. Best for a large selection of cougars and/or cubs – Adult Friend Finder
  4. Best for meeting established cougars – Eharmony
  5. Best for finding cougars and pumas – OurTime

1. Cougar Life – Best Cougar Dating App Overall

Being a niche dating website for cougars on the hunt for male cubs, Cougar Life takes casual sex seriously. Cougars on the prowl for the hottest toy boys they can find is how the site works.

Many cougars are young in spirit with defined and seasoned bodies that have aged gracefully like fine wine. The energy says it all.

Cougar Life is available to use on a mobile smartphone app to take anywhere you might find yourself. Additionally, you can use a traditional internet browser accessible from any computer and/or mobile device.

So, a young whippersnapper can log on using his smartphone anytime – at the gym, on the subway – and search through the list of potential older women in his area who are still ovulating, and possibly land a dinner date for the evening.

The app has a search bar and filters to pinpoint an exquisite heart-stopping list. You cannot go wrong, searching through it.

Each CougarLife profile is set up with instant messaging and live chatting capabilities to share photos and trade texts as if you were talking with the person one-on-one outside the network. No middle man needed.

Some women have not logged on in a long time, so a curious cub will have to pan and locate the cougars. On the flip side, the cubs are in abundance if you are on the prowl for one.

Moreover, there are Kittens (women in their 20s) and Pumas (women in their 30s) on there for cubs who desire something on the younger side.

The monthly membership price is $40, but the annual fee is $15 per month, equaling $168.

  • Match-making system
  • Gift-giving feature
  • Priority messaging, making texts the first-up
  • New Cougars list recent sign-up-ees
  • Suitable for sugar mommies and boy toys meet and greets

2. Ashley Madison – Best MILF Dating Site

Ashley Madison has made rounds in the headlines for good and bad reasons, but it’s mostly known for being a hookup website that sexually frustrated housewives use to find sex online. For cougars, the site is free to use. However, cubs have to pay to send more than 10 messages on the site.

The vibe is different because cougars can actually find a sex-crazed, money-hungry cubs with little to no effort. Similarly, cubs can find some attractive older women, some who are even willing to help pay the cubs bills, or let them drive their husbands fancy cars. Both parties get what they want.

The AM profiles have more range than other best cougar dating websites, so the matchmaking system is accurate due to the highly personalized chemistry test. You can find cougars or cubs more easily thanks to the answers put on your chemistry test.

Ashley Madison operates a credit system for each action you make. An example is coughing up five credits to send messages. Anyone who has ever been on this dating app knows there are limits and the activities are limited without the credits.

The ballpark figure for credit purchase is 100 for about $44 and 1000 for $224.

  • Photo verifications
  • Easy to find women with money
  • Easy to find hot younger men
  • Plenty of features to keep your profile private from nosey boseys
  • Many payment options like PayPal, checks, and gift cards accepted

3. Adult Friend Finder – A Hookup Site Bringing Various Types of Cougars & Cubs Together

Adult Friend Finder is one of the best hookup sites on the planet. You have probably read that a million times on the net about AFF because frankly, it’s the truth.

However, this website is not exclusive for male to female cougar dating relationships, but mostly focuses marketing efforts to the dating community in general. Therefore, you can find a fetish partner who loves whips and chains with ease. You can enjoy a threesome with MFF or MMF like you’re ordering Starbucks. And you can find a cougar or cub if that’s what you’re looking for and specify those keywords in your profile or when you are searching for one.

AFF is far-reaching to the ends of the earth, generating an extensive pool that touches every part of the globe. Even people living in small towns no one has ever heard of can find themselves an adult friend who lives in a nearby town or county. 

Needless to say, searching for cougars is so easy because there are plenty of older women there. The filter allows you to search for these women by their age – the important one – sex, and location. The same applies to cougars searching for cubs. 

For women, AdultFriendFinder.com is free, no matter the age. However, men, no matter their age, have to pay for the credits.

Cubs should expect to pay $25 a month if you are only using the site short term, but $15 a month if your game needs a little more time to marinate. 

  • All types of people with different tastes
  • Meet cougars and cubs from hundreds of countries and thousands of cities
  • Fun website to be on with a variety of stuff like a university, live webcam streams, and picture games
  • Profiles have videos

4. Eharmony.com – A Site With Wealthy and Professional Cougars

Since 1995, Eharmony.com has floated around the internet-sphere matching compatible couples and establishing relationships resulting in marriages. The system connects you with like-minded people who are into the same stuff as you. Watch out now! Because these matches might not be aged-based unless you specify that in the filter. But there are plenty of cougars on there who might have a more challenging time panning through the profiles finding younger men who are into MILFs. That’s because these cubs have a variety of younger women like Kittens to choose from. This volatile environment creates stiff competitions, so the cougar better be flawlessly attractive to a cub’s olfactory nerves to hook him.

However, there are all types of people on Eharmony.com who seem to have good hearts and not too many psychos like AFF dwellers.

  • Local matches
  • Personality match-based system
  • Can meet sexy people, if you get lucky
  • Learn info about a person’s personality the moment you click a profile

5. Ourtime – Mature Singles Central for Cougar and Cubs Dating

It’s ‘our time’ to shine for all mature singles who are looking to mingle. See, this website might focus around hooking up older singles together, so finding someone younger might be harder, but not impossible. The primary marketing population is 50 years or older, but technically anyone over 18 can sign up.

The energy of people is mature, and they don’t play games so they enjoy life more. That’s only if you can find someone compatible. Word on the streets is that the matches are not as reliable as eharmony.com or AFF. If you select the box, only show profiles of people who don’t smoke, the system will likely match you up with people who smoke. This discrepancy indicates a lacking population on the site.

On the better side of things, though, the matches will show people in your area, and the profile gives you two options; flirt or send a message. One is for an ice-breaker, and the other is for a conversation starter. You can’t read a message, however, unless you have paid in full for a premium account.

This site provides an easy way for people of varying degrees of sexuality to meet people. Gay, straight, lesbian, or couples; it don’t matter. For cougars, there might be cubs sprinkled here and there, but don’t expect them to be readily available to strip off their clothes and get it on till the early hours of the morning.

  • Geared toward dating people 50+
  • Android, iOS apps
  • Marketed as senior dating
  • Free and paid sections
  • Match system

Is it easy for cougars to find cubs on paid and free cougar sites like CougarLife?

For cougars, finding a cub is as easy as finding a tuna casserole at the grocery store. The answer is an undoubted yes. Let me inform you on the biology of a man’s sex drive. It never stops. A man will always get horny, no matter what, whether he has the mental power to control his urges or not – nature tends to take over. That’s your advantage. If you are a sexy, feminine woman, some guys can’t resist your natural power. Additionally, if you want to put icing on the cake, cough up a few dollars to purchase for him the latest xBox console. Easy access to money along with your sexiness, and a warm, moist hole, gives him everything he wants. Then you are in there like swimwear. Men love to have sex with women, that’s just a fact, and they love getting money in the process. If you provide both, there should be no reason a cub will say no. Becoming a sugar momma is not a requirement like with sugar daddy sites. Some men just appreciate the experience, mature, and seasoned energy of an older woman.

For a cub, it might be an intimidating experience getting with a cougar. She got the experience for God’s sake and doesn’t want a ‘little’ boy in bed. Relax for a moment young grasshopper. Cougars have raging sex drives, and she wants it as much as you do. What do you lose by taking your shot? Think! The worst thing that can happen is getting rejected, in which you can jump to another profile and keep campaigning like you’re the president of the United States. Remember something: if a cougar gets on a cougar specific website, she is very open to meeting young men for casual sex. You have to open your Law of Attraction third-eye and speak into existence what you want. Visualize to materialize. That’s the name of the cougar game. Try it!

Benefits of getting with a cougar

Do I really need to explain the benefits of getting with a cougar? They don’t play ‘girly’ games like women in their 20s who are still stuck in high school mentality. Life experience, knowledge, and important stuff matters to a cougar. Not superficial stuff like hair or nails. A cougar is secure with herself. You can have an intelligent conversation with her and not necessarily money. She likes being in your company. Most importantly, a cougar is an expert in sex and can teach you things a young girl never knew existed.

Benefits of getting with a cub

A cub can make you feel young again. He can give you something real good in bed that you haven’t had since your college years. He is usually open-minded and willing to learn about life. He can be your blank sheet of paper waiting for you to author his mind with some experience and knowledge. He doesn’t judge you because he is into other women. Moreover, he didn’t grow up during a time when women ‘knew their place’. He doesn’t want to battle you for dominance. Everything is calm, cool, and chill with him. He just wants to have fun.

Are young men generally attracted to cougars?

It really depends on the taste of the man. Some men like homemade cheese, but others like well-aged cheese. It’s a preference. If you are a cougar and find yourself getting approached by younger men in person, then that is a surefire sign you will have no problems meeting a younger man online.

Why do younger men like older women

Older women are confident, sure of themselves, and just want to have a good time with the man she’s with. As a cub, if you can offer that then you’re in the game.

She is usually financially independent – sometimes retired or inherited an estate from her late husband. Her kids are probably grown, so she is not bogged down with being a mom or housewife, so a sense of freedom is there.

Moreover, cougars can cook some Michelin star meals, which is a deal sealer for most cubs.

Why do older women like younger men

Older women like young men because their penises never run out of fuel. The willies can stay hard and keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny without needing a recharge or even the help of a Bluechew. Aside from that main reason, young men are more accepting of the cougar because they understand the value of being with an older woman. It’s not a struggle for dominance so the woman can feel like she is his equal. That means everything to some women.

Best Cougar Dating Sites: Final Statement

The best cougar sites seem legit and easy to navigate if you choose the right one. Some market to the older crowd, but others are overrun with young folks, in which searching for a cougar, cub relationship is more challenging but also more rewarding when you finally find one.

Websites like CougarLife have a variety of cougar and cubs on the prowl, and the website features allows you to filter the list to target exactly the type of person you are looking for. 

Try them yourself. Cougar dating sites are the best for older women looking for younger men.



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