5 Best Essay Editing and Proofreading Services (Professional and Original)


Today’s busy lifestyle makes it difficult for students to meet all their school commitments on time. As they often face huge workloads, many essay writing services have emerged to help them.

Many companies these days offer fast, high-quality help in assignments/essay proofreading and editing services in the shortest possible time. Therefore, these services are undoubtedly suitable for students who are short on time or have other problems.

Top Essay Writing Services: A Quick Glance

  1. ​Most popular essay writing and proofreading and editing services company – Editorly
  2. Best value for money – ​Paperhelp
  3. Impressive quality of the urgent orders – GradeMiners
  4. The fascinating number of professional editors and expert writers – Studdit
  5. ​The biggest number of academic writers available – FinestEssay

Key Features:


  • Introduction of new technology for college essay writing/proofreading
  • Constant experienced editors’ support in writing and proofreading, and editing services
  • Continuous improvement and development
  • Synergy and affordable services

The main goal of Editorly is to help young people deliver high-quality college essay and other papers in no time. Society primarily deals with research papers, term papers, personal and thesis statements, and other types of essays that students often write.

In addition, its editing and proofreading service is an excellent option for those who want experts to review their texts. In addition to double-checking, this best essay writing service can help you write your resume, business plan, or dissertation.

As for the price, the minimum college essay cost is $24 per page and depends on the deadline, academic level, and type of writing. The main advantage of Editorly is that you can trust the writing style service because it is there to check your work any time of the day or night, just like the other writing services mentioned below.

Editorly is now offering an amazing opportunity to receive a free essay sample. The platform is constantly updated with new texts, and now you can find 77,290 articles in PDF format.

So if you are looking for a quality sample to write the best possible essay, the platform covers Economics, Biology, Health, Economics, Computer Science, Politics, Sociology, History, Philosophy, cover letter writing, and 104 other topics.

Instant access, an easy-to-navigate website, a user-friendly 24/7 customer support team, and other convenient features are available.

Key Features:


  • The uniqueness of each trial of the writing skills
  • Guarantee of the highest level of quality
  • Free access to the plagiarism report
  • Speed of the task by the professional editors
  • Free text revisions and proofreading and editing services
  • An attractive system of discounts

PaperHelp is an essay writing service that aims to help you write any type of paper. This relatively inexpensive online wizard is handy because you can create a custom control cabinet and track your work progress. You can also fill in some profile details and view your current and past posts.

Note that you have an option to request a writer of your choice for the editing and proofreading services. You can easily access author profiles, view their work, and customer reviews. Thus, the most significant college essay advantage of the service is the possibility of getting to know the writer before his appointment.

PaperHelp offers professional academic writing and proofreading and editing services assistance in editing/proofreading. Whether you are a high school or college student, you can count on our help. The company’s experts handle all types of essays, term papers, and article reviews you can have at any academic or research institution. The PaperHelp group consists of writers and editors so that we complete the task from A to Z. Each writer has a master’s degree and at least five years of experience in writing.

Pricing at PaperHelp is calculated based on workload and time frame. On average, the cost of essay editing will range from $34 to $48 per page, depending on the academic level. For example, a paper for a high school will cost you $12 per page. The cost of the Ph.D. dissertation will start at $24 per page.

Also, students can save some money by ordering in advance.

Plus, PaperHelp has a 100% money-back guarantee and college essay free revisions and proofreading and editing if you’re unhappy with the final work. However, you can choose one of the best essay writers, track progress on the mobile app, and participate in the loyalty program that can save you 15% on future orders.


Key Features:


  • Authors with the great writing skill in ENL and ESL
  • Top-notch proofreading and editing approach
  • Timely execution and plagiarism report
  • The work on the college essay is carried out according to the highest quality standards
  • 100% confidential

With the GradeMiners service, you don’t have to pay for a college essay bibliography page, title page, or additional edits to your text. It saves you money. The service offers a free consultation, which means you can clarify all the details and then make payment.

For simplicity, you have access to all the services offered on the home page. You can easily select the job category for your application without much effort. Services provided include

  • Case studies
  • College essay editing
  • Written articles
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Dissertations
  • Book reviews
  • Assignments in almost any discipline and more.

This service is an excellent option for you when you want to complete a course assignment or provide proofreading and editing services.

The service ensures fast and qualitative editing/proofreading help with your writing tasks. Their editors develop their writing habits every day. Thus, they can handle all types of essays, research, or term papers. Do not hesitate to contact the service so that they can start working on your order immediately.

GradeMiners is a great service because it deals with custom academic essays for students from various educational institutions. Whatever level or topic is required, the professional and experienced writers and editing essays service with detailed comments at GradeMiners will provide you with the help you need.

The professional editor platform also has over 60 free samples that you can download and use. The database is constantly updated with new texts that underwent proofreading and editing services.

Key Features:


  • An easy-to-use website for college essay writing and professional proofreading services
  • Execution of the college essay editing order before the deadline
  • High-quality articles and essays
  • High-quality editing with no grammatical errors
  • It’s a user-friendly website with professional editor services
  • High quality and friendly customer support
  • Original and plagiarism-free articles

Expert writing is one of the cheapest online essay writing services, with over 500 English authors and editors ready to accomplish your research paper or get into creative writing, fix your spelling errors, and edit your academic documents.

The authors can give you a draft or an outline free of charge. In addition, the service offers you free titles and bibliography pages.

Because the company is relatively new to the writing and proofreading and editing services market, it provides an innovative approach to writing that can appeal to a wide range of students.

In addition, this online assistant allows you to access paper updates from your mobile phone. You can generally turn to this company website service if you need to write a research paper, dissertation, assignment, essay, or final article at affordable prices.

Studdit is a 100% personal custom writing website. It offers in-depth help in different academic areas.

The service helps students in other destinations. You can get help paraphrasing, proofreading and editing service, writing essays, writing book and movie reports, and writing a resume.

Therefore, Ph.D. candidates have the opportunity to get help using thesis writing services and essay editing service. In addition, there are a variety of free essay samples and helpful extras available to everyone.

Key Features:


  • A personal project manager who will help with a professional writer and college essay editing
  • Triple check for plagiarism and editing service for grammatical errors
  • The cost of the order does not increase from the moment of the request until delivery
  • Top editing quality
  • A large team of writers and managers then provides timely assistance

On this great online reputation platform, students can order services from a list, including writing regular and admission essays, assignments, case studies, personal statements, term papers, speeches, dissertation editing, reviews of books and films, and theses for affordable prices.

Apart from that, FinestEssay is one of the editing companies that offer many unique features. Three free revisions, plagiarism reports, access to sources used by authors, and tables of contents are among them.

Customer support is available either by mobile phone or live chat on the website for customer satisfaction. Talking about the college essay editing website, it offers an extremely smooth user experience and a modern look.

Let’s move on to the most crucial part – the team of editors/proofreaders with the professional services. In this regard, FinestEssay is great because they only hire native writers who have experience creating quality custom content without plagiarism.

The editors/proofreaders at this proofreading company are proficient in various academic fields such as economics, accounting, mathematics, finance, law, business, statistics, and even medicine. Making students’ lives easier and happy is the platform’s priority, so don’t be afraid to turn to them for help with your writing task.

The editing service company is attentive to the specific needs of customers. So you can be sure that all your instructions will be followed.


Proofreading vs. Editing

Proofreading and editing services (quality editing meant) are often used to describe the same thing, although there is a difference between the two concepts. Language review is usually divided into four levels where level 1 is proofreading, level 2 is language review, level 3 is editing, and level 4 is reworking.

An essay editing service checks spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. The editing service is a deeper review of word choice, sentence structure, style, and context. Editing makes your text flow coherent. The text becomes easier to read and clearer, making the message clearer.

Do you need help with the outline, the common thread, or clarification of your text? Then you need a writing coach.

We want to give you a tip on the essay editing service: No matter what level you need help with in your project – make sure that the person you choose is familiar with your subject area. To achieve this purpose, just choose a reliable editing and proofreading service – like the one(s) we’ve listed above.

If the person does not have knowledge of your area, they will not be able to do an optimal job with your text. Therefore, we do not accept an assignment if we do not have knowledge or experience of the subject. It simply gets better that way – for everyone.

How To Choose The Best Proofreading/Editing Service

We would suggest that you stick to the following editing service criteria when picking up a service for editing and/or proofreading:

Clear Guarantees Set out in Terms of Use

When you purchase the services of the best essay writers on the web, you are paying money to receive a unique, well-written article quickly. However, they may have instances where the end result of the essay editing service work is not what you expected.

There are free revisions if your original requirements are not met. If the writer fails to bring the paper to your liking, you have the right to get a refund. It’s best not to use these editing service guarantees, but it’s certainly nice to have them available to you.


Essay editing/proofreading services are usually charged per page. The cost is influenced by the turnaround time, academic level, subject, etc.

The list includes editing and proofreading sites that offer quality at unbeatable prices for the editing service.

Since college students can’t boast of saving colossal money, it’s quite understandable that you’ll be looking for the most affordable deals on the market. However, you have to be very careful from a price point of view during the process of buying a writing platform.


The correctness of grammar and punctuation in the essay is the first thing teachers look for when evaluating a paper. Therefore, when ranking the best essay editing/proofreading services in the market, this article has taken into consideration the quality of the content provided.


Clients should be sure to entrust their academic papers to experienced professionals in editing service who can handle any assignment. We have carefully considered how each platform selects writers and the methods available for the customer to contact the author.

Customer Service

At some point, customers will inevitably have problems with any editing service online. So, in this article, we have tried to understand how customer support on each site responds to complaints, changes, and any negative feedback.

So, now you see why would you use such service that we recommend – they’re reliable and provide top-quality service for an affordable price for essay editing services.

The editing service must make a good impression after the first visit. Normally, solid platforms provide 24/7 customer support through their essay editing services websites, where team members can walk you through the process and help you place the order for the essay editing services.

Communication is the essential part during and after commissioning an article/paper or editing process of academic papers. You must have the ability to stay in touch with the writer and the support system every step of the way.

Wide Range of Services

Your goal should be to find a reliable editing/proofreading service provider that will give you advantages in dealing with all kinds of assignments.

It is the main reason why the best essay writing service of your choice should offer a full range of services, including different types of papers, proofreading, rewriting as well as editing services for students of all academic levels.

Price Comparison

If you’re just planning to place your first writing process order, you probably don’t know which essay writing platform you can trust. To save you time, we have prepared comprehensive reviews of five article writing websites. Just read the information about them and decide which company is best for your academic needs.

The price analysis will help you decide where it is better to order an essay, term paper, or thesis. To understand how much it costs to order a diploma or term paper, just look at the pricing policy of a couple of companies by visiting sites with term papers.

But, whatever the temptation to choose an essay editing services company with the lowest prices, it should be remembered that low prices do not always coexist with high quality.

The writing process price of an order may include both proofreading/editing a term paper or a thesis and accompanying it until the moment of defense, free corrections, and so on.

In this case, the student has the opportunity to clarify incomprehensible points, better understand the material of the work and at any time improve or supplement it.

Agree that it is much more convenient. A similar method determines where essay editing services order a test or practice report.

Service Name 1 day 3 days 1 Week
Editorly $34 $28 $23
PaperHelp $48 $40 $34
GradeMiners $12.10 $7.06 $6.71
Studdit $48 $40 $34
FinestEssay $12.10 $7.06 $6.71

The first thing to consider about the writing and editing services when calculating how much a text correction costs is the number of characters. Characters can be counted with spaces or without spaces.

This way of quoting a research papers text correction service is advantageous because it allows you to become independent of the size of the page. This factor is sometimes a bit misleading when it comes to writing and editing services.

A manuscript is a unique product. This circumstance makes it very difficult to offer a general rate applicable to any text. However, the online proofreading price of the correction is subject, as it could not be otherwise, to the extension of the work, which is measured in the number of matrices (characters + spaces for the professional editing) or, failing that, in words, other characteristics of the text. High-quality editing services correction/proofreading/editing requires a certain amount of time and effort. Good correction, like a good suit, must be tailored.


  1. What’s the turnaround time of the academic writing and/or professional editing order?

The editing and proofreading services turnaround time is determined by the customer, according to their needs. Specialists can fulfill both urgent and complex orders requiring significant time costs. So, you can place an urgent order (to be completed within the next 3 hours, for example).

  1. What’s the average editing/proofreading cost?

The professional editing price depends on several factors that can certainly influence the price of the finished work. It’s mainly the deadline. As mentioned, the minimum time to edit/proofread a simple essay is 3 hours. That is, the editor takes the order and immediately begins to work. But it must be taken into account that the customer must provide the most detailed information about the order. You can buy a ready-made essay on a pre-thought topic to save money.

  1. Is it legal to use such services?

You can be sure of safety because there are ethical essay editing/proofreading services that put the interests and privacy of its clients above all else. The proofreading and professional editing services are based on harmless and safe tools for academic writing (esp. by native English speakers). According to the terms, no one will ever know that you have used this website due to the non-disclosure agreement. Moreover, the authenticity of academic papers is guaranteed, so no one will suspect you of using someone else’s sources. This kind of service never shares personal information about users and does not use the works for selfish purposes.

  1. I need to check my essay urgently. What’s the best option?

The option, in this case, is to pick up one of the services we located on this page. We’d strongly suggest you use Editorly, which focuses on editing and proofreading by the best editor.

  1. When Use Essay Editing and Proofreading Services?

Reputable essay editing websites help students avoid plagiarism. What is more, you can avoid missing deadlines and save some time. Writing services, as well as editing and proofreading services, allow students to obtain unique essays in different academic areas. In addition, they offer help to improve overall academic performance. Essay writing websites provide additional support, such as proofreading, editing, and proofreading.

In addition to spelling correction/proofreading/editing consisting of cleaning your text of

  • Typing
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation errors
  • Syntax errors

among others, these services help you:

  • Maintain a coherent and precise speech
  • Warn you about writing mistakes that could cause difficult comprehension in the reader
  • Repair repetitions of words
  • Make suggestions on substantive issues in your text.

These services correct everything from degree theses, essays, and novels to articles, stories, poems, and, in general, any written material you need to guarantee the highest quality.


Choosing the best and most reliable essay writing service can be challenging. But a reliable platform can save you some time that you can spend on your specialties or prioritized projects. Writing on paper should not become another stress factor during the exam period or work overload.

The best essay proofreading/editing services help create well-written and reliable essays. They will meet the requirements of their instructor and improve academic performance. Make sure you pay extra attention when selecting a suitable paper writing platform to help you in your endeavors, and you’ll be good to go!

Now that you know one of the best places to go when you need good writers as a college student, don’t forget to apply everything you learned in this post while hiring for a writing service.

Check the ratings of the company and writers, the customer support team’s efficiency, and trustworthy reviews. So, we’d suggest you use Editorly or a similar service that we’ve located in the top 5 list. We hope these reviews will guide you in making the best decisions for your essays and grades.


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