5-Pack of Fresh Options Ideas

Capping Off Another Solid Week:

We are heading into Friday with an excellent record for the week. A vast majority of the plays we’ve signaled interest in have produced good opportunities for us. In the case of yesterday’s premarket report, we managed to find potential pay-dirt on four out of our five daily selections, which is pretty darn good if we say so ourselves. Stacked up with numerous sharp plays, and we’re ready to put a stamp on another signature trading week of options excellence.

Yesterday’s winning targets were the CSCO Weekly $48.50-49.50 Calls, the WOLF Weekly $95-105 Calls, the BJ Weekly $70-75 Calls, and the KSS Weekly $32.50-31 Puts, and their daily moves and total possible profits were as follows:

CSCO Weekly $48.50-49.50 Calls
.86-1.50 (+74%)
$49: .53-1.08 (+104%)
$49.50: .29-.71 (+145%)

WOLF Weekly $95-105 Calls
 12.50-19.00 (+52%)
10.11-16.10 (+59%)
$105: 7.40-11.90 (+61%)

BJ Weekly $70-75 Calls
$70: 4.60-6.60 (+43%)
$75: 2.00-3.20 (+60%)

KSS Weekly $32.50-31 Puts 
$32.50: .66-1.32 (+100%)
$32: .44-1.03 (+134%)
$31.50: .31-.61 (+97%)
$31: .19-.43 (+126%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
FL Weekly $37-39 Calls*
BILL Weekly $165-175 Calls*
AMAT Weekly $108-110 Calls*
BKE Weekly $32.50-35 Calls*
DE Weekly $342.50-352.50 Calls*

*Trading options on their day of expiration can carry a heightened level of risk and should only be attempted by seasoned traders.

Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. GEGI – Recap: 

We have been tracking GEGI regularly over the summer, and it has been quite a stretch for this OTC play. Following our mention of the stock on July 5th at a low of ,0018, we’ve continued to track it on its way to a very nice increase. The stock hit .0087 yesterday which registers as a rise of 383%

Extended Watchlist:

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