5 Rachel Green Outfits That Still Hold Up (And Two That Don’t)


Rachel Green is indisputably one of the most legendary style icons of the ‘90s. Despite Friends‘ final episode airing nearly 20 years ago (yeah, we can’t believe it either), many of Green’s fashionable ‘90s and Y2K looks are still fashion inspirations today.

In fact, we’ve recently seen the emergence of the butterfly cut, a cousin of The Rachel—the iconic layered shoulder-length bob that debuted at the end of Friends’ first season.

Rachel’s career spanned Bloomingdales, Ralph Lauren, and, as the series wound down after 10 seasons, the hallowed halls of Louis Vuitton. So the beloved Friends protagonist could have nothing other than an extraordinary fashion sense.

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Fans have been trying to adopt Rachel’s closet since the hit show first aired in 1994. In recent years, Gen Zers have been adopting ’90s and early ’00s trends, meaning many of her looks are back in vogue today.

Get ready to reminisce about a few Rachel Green outfits that still feel on-trend—and a couple we’d rather not see again.

1. Love It: Preppy Takeover

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends wearing a plaid skirt

Easily Rachel’s most iconic look, it features many of today’s most sought-after “vintage” styles. This outfit from season one’s “The One Where The Monkey Gets Away” had a very preppy vibe. Dressed in a mini tartan skirt and off-white turtleneck, the icing on the cake are the striped knee-high socks and chunky black shoes. 

2. Love It: Oversized Blazer And Mini Skirt Combo

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends wearing a mini skirt with a blazer

Rachel could rock the heck out of an oversized blazer, no doubt about it. In the season three episode “The One with the Dollhouse,” she looked effortlessly elegant in a tan blazer over a crisp white button-down with a black mini skirt and sheer tights. To quote Cake, we love “a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket.”

3. Leave It: Overly-Busy Prints

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow in Friends

We can’t say we love this slightly nausea-inducing tank top Rachel wore in season nine’s “The One in Barbados, Part 1.” The early aughts had plenty of questionable fashion choices, and this sort of mish-mash print almost never worked well. If Rachel can’t pull it off, we’re not sure who could.

4. Love It: The Trench Coat

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends wearing an olive green trench coat

Although Rachel was emotionally distraught when she discovered Ross’s cheating (or not?) in “The One with the Morning After,” she looks absolutely fierce in this oversized olive green trench coat.

5. Love It: Shorteralls

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends wearing a black blazer over shorteralls

As any Friends fan knows, Rachel loved to rock some ’90s denim.  From vests to dungarees, Rachel could pull practically anything off.

She seemed to especially love overalls in earlier seasons. In season one’s “The One With the Breast Milk,” she really knocked this look out of the park by layering an oversized men’s blazer over a pair of shorteralls and teaming them with a striped black-and-white tank.

6. Leave It: Dowdy Skirt Suit

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends wearing a blue maxi skirt suit

Rachel’s monochromatic blue maxi skirt suit from season three’s “The One with the Tiny T-Shirt” made us sad then and it still does now. This look missed the mark, from the drab color to the unflattering fit that overwhelmed her frame and nearly hid her heeled boots.

7. Love It: Structured, Puff-Sleeve Blouse

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends wearing a white puff-sleved blouse

The introduction of the cottagecore aesthetic has caused a resurgence in vaguely Victorian-esque fashion, from flowy floral dresses to structured smocked tops with billowing sleeves. We think Rachel’s white top in “The One with the Soap Opera Party,” with its scoop neckline and puff sleeves, would look just as fresh today.


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