6 Social Media Influencers Sharing Reliable Menopause Info

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Social media is a double-edged sword. It can certainly be a den of misinformation, misogyny, and unrealistic expectations. But there are some trustworthy accounts and voices on the internet. And when used correctly, social media can be an invaluable resource for education, support, and inspiration.

This is especially true when it comes to menopause. Indeed, our society is woefully silent about this natural transition in a woman’s life, leaving many midlife women with lots of questions, few answers, and even less time. That’s where social media can help.

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As menopause gradually starts to be a more frequent topic of public discourse (thank goodness), more and more social media influencers are beginning to follow suit. Many of these accounts provide reliable, honest, and empowering information to guide you through “the change.”

But, of course, the universe of social media is vast. So we did some of the work for you by rounding up a handful of our favorite midlife influencers.

1. @DrMaryClaire

Dr. Mary Claire is a Texas-based OB-GYN and founder of The Galveston Diet. She offers a wide range of menopause information on her TikTok account, from hilarious personal anecdotes to empowering narratives that flip menopause’s negative connotation on its head. She even addresses new medical studies, presenting the data in layman’s terms so you can easily stay informed on the latest breakthroughs in women’s health.

2. @Dr_NaomiPotter

Dr. Naomi Potter is a menopause specialist and co-author of Menopausing. Her practice seeks to provide empathetic, holistic healthcare, and her social media presence aligns with that. Potter’s account features insightful interviews with other wellness professionals where they discuss working with menopause, HRT, and more.

3. @BlackGirlsGuideToMenopause

The lack of accessible resources and care for midlife women in general is bad enough, but for women of color, it can be even worse. Omisade Burney-Scott aims to bring POC voices to the forefront of the menopause conversation with her podcast and social media profile, Black Girl’s Guide To Surviving Menopause. We especially love Burney-Scott’s “Say More” discussion deck, which was co-designed with Kindra (a favorite of ours) and allows women to dive deeper into their midlife journeys.

4. @HotFlashesAndCoolTopics

Menopause conversations—if they happen at all—can feel like they center around the same few topics: hot flashes, low libido, etc. But the Hot Flashes & Cool Topics Podcast strives to feature different, equally important issues like mental wellness, family dynamics, and immunity. Navigating midlife is complicated, but HF&CT seeks to untangle the web of misinformation and misdirection.

5. @MenopauseMatters

Menopause Matters is a UK-based women’s wellness magazine available in print and online. Its Instagram profile is an invaluable treasure trove of information and inspiration, and it’s especially helpful for visual learners. Menopause Matters’ easily digestible infographics outline complicated topics like hormonal treatments and other lesser-known treatments so you can get all the facts and none of the fluff.

6. @HeatherHirschMD

Dr. Heather DeMille Hirsch is a Boston-based menopause doctor and teacher. She’s also a proud member of an “Army of Women” who seek to reclaim and revamp the narrative surrounding menopause. She offers no-BS advice on HRT and vaginal changes and even highlights the pitfalls of the modern medical field in terms of women’s wellness. She offers master classes on her website, but even scrolling through her Instagram profile provides a wellspring of down-to-earth, dependable advice.

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