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We’ve got all the data on how North American cannabis consumers hit dispensaries this past weekend in celebration of the hashiest of all holidays, 710. 

The data we’re using for this glimpse into the marketplace comes from data analyzers at Headset and Jane Technologies. Additionally, springbig’s data represents the largest loyalty and marketing automation platform in the cannabis industry. 

Headset’s data came from 11 states and four provinces in Canada. While they didn’t see a huge jump in total sales over the previous four Sundays in the U.S. at only 6.2%, the category sales for hash were much higher. Dispensaries sold 66% more concentrates than usual, with vape pens coming in second with a 10% jump. Jane Technologies saw a similar number in the online demand for concentrates, with hash orders on the web rising 67.7% on the day. 

The data set from springbig showed a 46% bump for concentrates. It also had vaporizer sales jumping a bit more at 20%. The online sales showed that extracts accounted for 13.1% of online sales on the holiday, that number averaged around 8.1% on the four previous Sundays. 

Tastes got a little bit more refined this year, too. Rosin sales were up from 6.1% to 9.5% across all online extract sales. It was 50/50 for hydrocarbons. Live resins saw a bump from 27.9% of online hash sales to 30.2%, but wax’s online sales dipped from 31% to 26.4%. The solventless revolution had to eat away at the numbers somewhere. 

According to the springbig data, Arizona and Florida saw the biggest sales gains this year of any markets, with both coming in at 28%. California and Michigan weren’t too far behind, with 20%. The smallest bumps were seen in Nevada, Illinois and Washington. 

Businesses also were busy doing holiday outreach. Campaigns and messages to customers were up 20% from the previous four Saturdays before on 7/9, in hopes of getting folks out. That number would bump up to a 50% jump on the holiday. Between the two days, businesses working with springbig sent out 3.3 million messages to would-be hash enthusiasts.  

Headset noted that 710 was way less of a big deal in Canada. The market only experienced an increase of 8% in hash sales. We reached out to Canadian hash legend Marcus “Bubbleman“ Richardson to get his thoughts on the numbers. The bags Richardson created changed hash forever. He’s also served as the host of Hash Church for years. 

Richardson started by noting he would be surprised if all of the US hash sales jumped 66%, since it wasn’t a complete glimpse of the market.

“That being said, hash is still a new thing to Canadians in the legal market,” Richardson told L.A. Weekly. “It’s a long journey starting over in the legal market. The majority of the heady folk already grow their own, make their own, and trade their own with friends. So they aren’t really the folks supporting the legal system.”

Richardson believes a whole new group of consumers who are quite new to cannabis are the backbone of the Canadian market. 

“Many of them just buy prerolled joints and have zero paraphernalia available to them. so Dabs are out,” Richardson said. 

He hopes his newest product, Hash Hits, will build a bridge for preroll smokers over to hash and extracts. Richardson closed by noting, “It won’t happen overnight, but there are definitely people working on educating folks about hash and making great hash products available.” 


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