A BloomsyBox Subscription Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

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After years of buying (or making) my loved ones presents, I’m running painfully low on new, thoughtful gift ideas. For family members like my parents and grandparents, it can seem even harder to find the perfect present. What do you give the person who already has everything, anyway? 

I didn’t want to add clutter to my family’s homes, rely on impersonal gift cards, or give them baked goods for the third year in a row. BloomsyBox poses a perfect solution to this type of dilemma—and it might solve yours, too. 

BloomsyBox is a floral subscription service that delivers fresh, high-quality bouquets to your giftee as often as once a week. These breathtaking bouquets are simple gifts that make a big impact, brightening your loved ones’ homes and offices for months to come.

The Basics Of BloomsyBox

Generally speaking, BloomsyBox operates like most other floral delivery services. You can opt to send a single bouquet in whatever size and floral combination you prefer. But BloomsyBox’s bread and butter is its unique, hand-picked subscription service. 

Subscription services are separated into weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans. BloomsyBox offers three versions of its monthly bouquets: Original, Deluxe, and Premium (each version larger and more elaborate than the last), in addition to its weekly and bi-weekly plans. 

It also offers unique subscriptions like The NYBG Subscription (inspired by the New York Botanical Garden), a rose-only package, houseplants, eucalyptus, and pet-friendly flowers—something I particularly loved as a cat mom whose fur children love to get into the bouquets on the counter. 

Shipping is as quick as two days, and BloomsyBox schedules all following deliveries according to your initial delivery date. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. You can also pay month-to-month or in three, six, and 12-month increments.

What Makes BloomsyBox Better

I’ve ordered flowers from countless websites before, but none had a selection like BloomsyBox. The variety in stems blew me away, from classic roses, lilies, and tulips to more unique picks like Scottish thistle, stunning Heliconias, and rustic red fern. Plus, BloomsyBox designs a new hand-cut bouquet each week or month of your delivery. 

BloomsyBox’s prices range from around $40 to $120, which is comparable to most major (and reliable) floral retailers. Except with BloomsyBox, these flowers are shipped from the farms where they’re picked. Only two to five days after the stems are cut, the blooms will arrive on your doorstep in a stunning arrangement.

Moreover, BloomsyBox delivers many of its flowers in bud form, allowing you (or your giftee) to watch them bloom before your eyes. Watching the red roses of my selected bouquet open their petals surrounded by long-lasting calla lilies made for such a lovely experience. Plus, this bouquet lasted longer than any previous grocery store or other major retailer’s bouquet I’ve had on my counter. 

Calla lillie and red rose bouquet I received from BloomsyBox.
(M. Davis-McAfee)

On top of this, BloomsyBox’s bouquets are sourced primarily from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms, making it one of the only direct-to-consumer florists so deeply dedicated to sustainability.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

BloomsyBox takes the guesswork out of gift-giving entirely. Its florists create stunning arrangements for your loved ones so that your only job is to set up the subscription. After that, BloomsyBox does the rest.

There’s a reason the floral industry is worth billions of dollars—as simple as these gifts may seem, we love them. We love lighting our living spaces with vibrant blooms or (not so) subtly showing off a new bouquet at the office. And with BloomsyBox, you get to deliver that joyful feeling year-round. 

A BloomsyBox subscription service is a fantastic way to give your loved ones a sentimental, thoughtful present without repeating any DIY projects or baked goods bundles. Because BloomsyBox never sends the same bouquet twice, this long-lasting present will never get stale. As the seasons change, so will your giftee’s blooms. 

The only thing that won’t change is the excitement they feel with each new BloomsyBox delivery. Don’t settle for the best gift of the holiday season. Choose a gift that your loved ones will appreciate all year with BloomsyBox’s unique, gorgeous bouquets.

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