A Move To Windsor Isn’t The Only Change For The Cambridges’ Children

The press has been buzzing about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming move from London to Windsor, but it looks like a new city won’t be the only change the family has to get used to: for the first time in their lives, their children won’t have a live-in nanny. 

Big Changes For William And Middleton’s Family

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving from their home in Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. Their new home is close to the queen’s primary residence at Windsor Castle. 

The couple’s children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—will be changing schools, but that isn’t the only big change in their lives. The kids will have to say goodbye to their nanny, Maria Borrallo. 

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Borrallo won’t be leaving the family, though; just their home. Instead of living with the royal family, the nanny will live in her own house. Borrallo isn’t the only staff member William and Middleton are bringing to Windsor; a handful of support staff will follow the family to their new home, including a housekeeper and a chef. 

This is a pretty big change for the royal kids. Borrallo has been with the family since George was 8 months old. He’s now 9 years old. She has also looked after Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4. The nanny has often been seen corralling the children, always wearing her distinctive Norland College uniform. Norland is a British school that trains students in childcare. Norland nannies are very popular among members of the royal family as well as celebrities. 

Royal Couple ‘Wants To Give Their Kids As Normal A Start As Possible’

Even though William and Middleton employ a full-time nanny, the royal couple is known for their hands-on parenting. The pair frequently bring their kids along to royal engagements and do their best to establish a normal home life for the children. 

A royal source shared that Middleton “wants to emulate her upbringing, living in the countryside with a close-knit family. She desperately wants that normality for her own kids.” Some think this might be the reason behind the move to Windsor. 

“They know what’s coming [as they near the throne] and want to give their kids as normal a start as possible,” another royal insider said. From a new home to moving their nanny out of the house, it looks like William and Middleton are shaking their kids’ lives up! 

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