ABC Losing Emmy-Winning Reporter To CBS’ ’60 Minutes’


It looks like ABC is losing one of its star reporters to rival network CBS. Apparently, award-winning journalist Cecilia Vega will be saying goodbye to ABC after more than ten years and joining CBS’s 60 Minutes.

On Thursday, 60 Minutes executive producer Bill Owens broke the news. “Cecilia Vega is a sensational reporter and storyteller. I have admired her work for a long, long time and couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to 60 Minutes. Her new colleagues couldn’t agree more,” he said, per CBS News.

Vega issued a statement reading, “This is a dream come true. I am beyond honored to join the ranks of this legendary show and to work alongside the best reporters in journalism.”

On Thursday, Vega celebrated the big news on Instagram. “I am thinking of my grandparents today and everything they worked for. There’s no way they could have even dared to dream about what would come. And here we are. I am so proud to share the news that I am joining @60minutes as a correspondent,” Vega wrote. “I am forever grateful to @abcnews for giving me a front row seat to history. And thank YOU for all the love today. I am moved beyond words.”

Vega is an extremely seasoned reporter. In 2010, Vega won a Northern California Emmy Award for her work on local ABC news affiliate KGO-TV in San Francisco. The following year, she joined ABC as a Los Angeles-based correspondent. In her nearly 12 years with the network, Vega wore many hats.

Over the last decade, Vega has had a hand in reporting hundreds of landmark stories. She’s anchored several broadcasts from Good Morning America to World News Tonight. Since 2021, she’s served as ABC’s chief White House correspondent.

Notably, she covered Barack Obama’s second inauguration as well as the two succeeding presidential election cycles. Vega earned recognition for her global coverage, reporting on the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster and Pope Francis’ appointment by the papal conclave in 2013. She was also an essential journalist during the COVID-19 pandemic and played an integral role in covering the U.S.-Mexico border crisis on-the-ground in real-time.

According to CBS News, Vega has conducted “hundreds of high-profile interviews,” forever leaving her mark on the journalistic landscape. It’s clear that this development marks the end of an era for ABC and the beginning of one for 60 Minutes.
It seems that Vega is the latest in a slew of seasoned reporters to join CBS. In just the last year, the network has welcomed Robert Costa from The Washington Post and Natalie Morales from NBC News into its ranks. According to CBS News, Vega will officially make the move to 60 Minutes in the spring.


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