Adding Soy Sauce To Your Scrambled Eggs Is A Game Changer


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Achieving the right texture can be quite a challenge when making scrambled eggs, despite their apparent simplicity. However, you can use a variety of quick tips and tricks to get that perfect light and fluffy consistency often associated with diner-style scrambled eggs. From water to baking powder, these genius cooking hacks make the dish lighter and more delicate. Soft, pillowy scrambled eggs can be achieved even with hybrid cooking techniques such as poaching, which uses the golden rule of “low and slow.”

While these variations and cooking techniques improve the texture of your scrambled eggs, they don’t do anything for the flavor. Salt may seem like the most obvious way to amp up the taste, but there’s another ingredient you may never have considered: soy sauce. 

The flavor of soy sauce surpasses that of ordinary salt by adding a touch of sweetness and umami. Imbuing your scrambled eggs with a splash of soy sauce makes them reminiscent of Japanese rolled omelets, tamagoyaki, but without the added labor.

Chefs love using soy sauce as a quick and easy way of revolutionizing breakfast. In fact, Top Chef season 14 runner-up Shirley Chung revealed on Real Simple’s test kitchen that she uses the salty condiment as a flavor booster for eggs.

Blogger and cookbook author Joy Wilson has also sung the praises of this tasty ingredient, claiming to have learned the hack from Top Chef alum Stephanie Izzard. Chef Izzard said she prefers using soy sauce rather than salt for preparing omelets because soy sauce blends better and doesn’t tend to sink to the bottom the way salt does.  

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How To Add Soy Sauce To Scrambled Eggs

Making scrambled eggs with soy sauce is just as easy as making them with salt or pepper. Before adding the eggs to the pan, whisk in one teaspoon of soy sauce for every two eggs. Adding soy sauce prior to cooking allows the flavors to be evenly distributed and eliminates any clumping.

If you have any soy or gluten sensitivities, don’t worry, you can try this trick too. Coconut aminos is an excellent gluten- and soy-free alternative to soy sauce, albeit having a milder flavor and slightly less sodium. Another great gluten-free soy sauce substitution is tamari, which is less salty and thicker than conventional soy sauce but still packed with delicious umami flavor.

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