Adrix founder, Dev Dutta is shaping the space for future Sports Traders

Since the onset of COVID in early 2020, there have been many challenges for the sporting fraternity, including crypto enthusiasts, from the temporary suspension and resumption of all contact sports to the introduction of NFTs in the gaming world. Dev Dutta, one of the industry’s latest Entrepreneurs, believes that while the pandemic dealt the sports industry a great blow, it has opened up the space for more innovations and technologies.

Dev Dutta is a visionary entrepreneur and Founder & Chief Technology Officer at AllStars Digital, one of the big stories in Sports platform launches this year. Dev has deep knowledge of quantitative trading and a vast experience in trading technology. Previously, Dev architected indices and trading platforms for derivatives and full trade automation for RBS, Nomura, Barclays Investment Bank and City Index. He is also known for developing crypto hedging models. Dev has a BSc with honors in Mathematics, an MSc in Quant Finance from London Business School and an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford.

‘We conceived AllStars as a concept during Lockdown in 2020. As a keen Sports enthusiast, I loved the idea of having a stake in a match, but I was never attracted to betting and never actually did. I spent over 15 years in the financial services building complex valuation and quant methods – mostly Indices. I thought of the idea to use such processes to apply them to quantify human performance in the same way we all understand Share performance. I saw this as a natural application of Index methodology. I formulated the concept,  pitched the idea to investors, attracted the talent and built the company around this idea. As Sports and Finance were the two core themes, everybody I spoke to loved the idea.

The development of the product was much tougher than we first thought. Two years later with now 45 people in the business with hundreds of hours watching sport and checking the pricing algorithm and trading the matches, we have it cracked. The prices of Sports stars playing Football and Cricket match their performance as well as the ‘intuitive’ expectation of a ‘great performance’ or a ‘bad day on the pitch’.

The sports gambling world is huge. But it has not innovated in over a decade. AllStars has the innovation to create a new paradigm in sports staking; there is a whole generation that would prefer to ‘trade’ players in a perpetual way rather than ‘bet’ on them in a binary way. AllStars  has an answer for this.

We continually check the market but there is no competing product out there doing what we do or the way that we do it (using a true financial services model). Moreso, the application of the intellectual property we have created is ubiquitous in that we can apply to many aspects of Human Performance. We’ve come a long way, but we are always seeing the beginning of the next thing to come…

Dev is the main brains behind the AllStars Digital product line. AllStars Digital seeks to democratize trading on the performance of sports stars via a digital economy based on a Blockchain Token AllStars Coin ($ASC). Incredibly, AllStars Digital is set to deliver the first of its kind digital sports alternative assets, a product of complex engineering, advanced data science, sophisticated liquidity provision, and cutting-edge app design. Dev points out that they are on course to deliver all this via the world’s first crypto-enabled sports exchange for the next generation of sports traders.

This major development will revolutionize the traditional gambling front based on the binary outcome. The goal is to extend sports trading to a perpetual position on an athlete’s holistic performance coupled with risk management toolsets. As a result, there’s a real chance to earn from your passion for your favorite sport. If you believe you know the best performer, you can trade ahead of the game and watch your P&L grow. Look out for rising stars and trade them for a match, a season, or their career. Build your portfolio and share countless debates with friends and the community.

Though AllStars Digital is at the forefront of changing the game to everyone’s advantage, Dev comments that he finds it easy to explain the concept but it requires a little more effort sometimes for people to truly understand the innovative product. But they also recognize that it is compared to similar products that have had inherent flaws, a potential reason for some of the reactions. However, Dev says it is nothing like some of the tried and failed products. “Our challenge is to address this with intuitive pricing, solid liquidity, access to underlying fundamental information, and, of course, education and tutorials,” adds Dev.

AllStars Digital will be formally launching in Q4 prior to the FIFA world cup in Qatar. This comes to market along with a digital sports currency $ASC. Watch out for more news closer to the launch…

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