After Cancer Diagnosis, Taylor Dayne Is Asking More Women To Get Colonoscopies


Taylor Dayne stepped into the spotlight in the ’80s because of her pop hits. Now 60 years old, the pop singer is stepping back into the limelight with a cautionary tale to women. After being diagnosed with colon cancer, the “Tell It to My Heart” singer is telling all women to go in for checkups. 

The American Music Award-winning singer recently opened up to Good Morning America about the importance of women receiving health screenings. Back in July, Dayne was diagnosed with colon cancer during a routine colonoscopy. Apparently, the singer goes twice a year for a colonoscopy after benign polyps were found in the past.

Although she’s received the all clear in the past, this time was different. Once she received the startling diagnosis, Dayne took a while to hear what the doctor was telling her. She described feeling “black” and “dark” while not being able to take in the news. 

She also began backtracking in her mind and realized that “five months ago there was nothing.” Thankfully, the doctor confirmed that they had indeed caught the cancer early. Within a few weeks, Dayne had surgery that removed 10 inches of her colon. Immediately following the procedure, the singer was pronounced cancer-free.

‘This Has Challenged Me Mentally And Emotionally’

Although Dayne was now cancer-free, she ended up staying in the hospital for around 20 days. While it’s unusual for someone to stay in the hospital for this long following this type of surgery, Dayne apparently suffered from a complication. According to the singer, she “developed an infection.”

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The procedure and stay in the hospital were difficult for the Grammy-nominated singer. As she said, “This has challenged me mentally and emotionally.” However, the singer is receiving the support she needs through a therapy program.

‘Be A Warrior For Yourself’

Taylor Dayne is using her platform to encourage more women to go in for routine checkups. Had doctors not found the benign polyps years ago, she never would have gone in for the colonoscopy that showed her colon cancer. The singer hopes all women will “find a doctor that will tell you the truth. Be a warrior for yourself.”

According to the American Cancer Society, colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the world. Roughly 106,180 Americans will receive a new diagnosis of the disease in 2022. Since 20% of patients have a family history of the cancer, doctors urge everyone to check into their backgrounds to see if they are at a higher risk. While it is common among men and women in the United States, experts emphasize that death can be prevented with early detection.

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