Aidan Carroll Puts Up a Force Field

Aidan Carroll Puts Up a Force Field: L.A. artist and producer Aidan Carroll got his start in producing while mixing his own debut Original Vision, a jazz record.

“[I] had a very clear light bulb moment during that process that told me I should start learning how to be a producer,” Carroll says. “Also, given that I’ve always loved working in various genres and playing different instruments, it just made sense to have a medium where I could fully express myself as a music creator–not to mention, a medium where collaboration is so important. I also love the idea that records and songs are ‘forever’.”

Today, Carroll describes his sound as “a rich, soulful stew of R&B, electronic, jazz, and hip-hop,” and he thinks this is an exciting time for electronic music in Los Angeles.

“I have been following some of the more underground electronic music movements in L.A. for many years, like Fade to Mind, Brainfeeder, and Young Art Records,” he says. “It’s a city that’s a fertile ground for genre experimentation, community, and inspiration.”

His latest release is the “Force Field” single.

“‘Force Field’ is a song I wrote with my friend and fellow producer/writer Rush Davis about how we build up walls or force fields to protect us and keep us safe in life,” he says. “This often holds us back from breaking through our own fears and obstacles to becoming who we’re meant to be in life. For me personally, this is like a reminder to myself to not live with blinders on. Yet the production of the song is uplifting and I hope listeners can jam out with it this summer, while still pondering some deeper questions of life.”

Looking ahead, Carroll has plenty planned for 2022.

“This year, I have more songs I’m going to be releasing under my name and for my label Freedom Love Magic Records which I’m very excited about,” he says. “At least one will be a collaboration with some of the artists I work with regularly. I will most likely do more visuals as I always love doing them for just about every project! Also will have more music coming out this year with artists like Reggie Becton, Paris Price, Niia, and Rush Davis whom I all work with often as a producer.”

Aidan Carroll Puts Up a Force Field: Aidan Carroll’s “Force Field” single is out now.

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