Albert Preciado Hit Success, But It Wasn’t Easy. Now, He’s Helping Others Do It Too.


Sometimes having minimal resources is a blessing in disguise. Albert Preciado made it big with just a few things: his phone, his computer, and access to a Starbucks where he could use the WiFi.

Albert Preciado, mortgage industry and digital marketing expert, founded The Mortgage Guys. He’s CEO of The Mortgage Guys along with Ambiance Realty; Preciado Acquisitions; and Driven Enterprises. The Mortgage Guys didn’t start as that–originally, it was The Mortgage Guy (without the S). The name change makes it clear that Albert Preciado took to investing his time and energy in other people.

With the love and support from both his wife and his coach, Albert Preciado shifted his focus on self-improvement. His coach thought Albert Preciado might not be coachable but when Albert Preciado started changing for the better, that opinion shifted. When Albert Preciado’s mindset changed for the better, he became laser-focused on his career, though it didn’t come without consequences.

Preciado put a lot of pressure on himself. “I was under so much pressure, and every week I was battling heart attacks. There were times when I would go to the balcony at our high rise, and I would consider for a second jumping over. I didn’t because my wife was pregnant, and then another time because my daughter was one-year-old. I told myself, I can’t jump, I can’t quit. I always told my dad, ‘I’m never going to quit.’ This kept me alive and kept me fighting. Every year I was fighting to survive.” He said.

The pressure to succeed came from a difficult background. He didn’t start with much. Preciado grew up in a working-class family. In young adulthood, Preciado surrounded himself with people who wouldn’t amount to anything. Preciado himself took to drinking and sleeping around. He was in debt and racking up more and more by the day. He lived on his credit cards and his car was being repossessed. Preciado describes himself as “persistent and driven which can sometimes be dangerous.” That proves to be true for him– but it’s also those qualities that made him so successful.

Now he has profitable businesses and a growing family he can take care of. Today The Mortgage Guys have an expert team, employing over 20 people. They work to create opportunities for low-income or disadvantaged families looking to purchase homes. Albert Preciado established a professional team, as he only hires highly knowledgeable and experienced people to work at The Mortgage Guys. Aside from that, he wants to guide other budding entrepreneurs. Because his coaching experience was so impactful, he wants to coach others himself.

Albert Preciado established Driven Academy which includes different classes on various topics in real estate and entrepreneurship. He also runs a coaching program where people can apply for a mentorship with Albert Preciado himself. Preciado knows that if he can do it starting from very little, so can you.


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