All About Cameron Monaghan’s Girlfriend And Past Relationships


Cameron Monaghan’s career began when he was quite young. When he was still in elementary school, he acted in movies and shows such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Winnie the Pooh, and Stuart Little.

At age nine, Monaghan scored the role of Winthrop Paroo in the TV version of The Music Man in 2003 alongside Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Broderick. More recently, he has had major roles in Shameless and Gotham.

Monaghan’s current girlfriend, Lauren Searle, is talented and accomplished just like him. Here’s what we know about her, as well as Monaghan’s former flames.

Cameron Monaghan’s Current Girlfriend Is Lauren Searle

Monaghan enjoys a bevy of leisure pursuits such as dancing, playing the guitar, snowboarding, and martial arts. He also makes time for the special lady in his life: his girlfriend, Lauren Searle. She’s a model who has worked for Heroes Model and Vision Los Angeles. She is also a gifted artist.

On her website, Searle wrote that she prefers people not to be entirely focused on her looks. She also wants them to appreciate the other qualities that make her who she is. She expresses those aspects of herself through her art.

Searle has been successful as a model, partly by not allowing others to define her. She explained to Cuup, “I felt this pressure to gain weight, lose weight, nothing was working…”   Searle even began to wonder if modeling was the right profession for her.

“But then I started booking jobs just how I am, at my natural size,” she added. That was key for her—being exactly the person she was, someone who happened to have curves. Trying to remake herself into someone else’s idea of who she should be wasn’t comfortable at all for Searle.

She and Monaghan made their relationship official on Instagram in September 2020 with some snaps of them luxuriating in a spacious tent complete with furniture.

Three months later, in December 2020, Searle shared some lovely photos that Monaghan took of her modeling the SKIMS clothing line.

He Dated Peyton List From 2017 To 2019

Lauren Searle isn’t the first model that Monaghan has dated. He was previously involved with Peyton List for two years. List is an actress and model who has appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, 27 Dresses, Remember Me, and two Disney TV series: Bunk’d and Jessie.

Working on the same movie brought Monaghan and List together as a couple. They were both in Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, a low budget indie film, in 2018.

List told BUILD Series that there were no glamorous, movie-star accommodations for the actors, who shared a trailer and stayed in the same hotel in a small town outside Vancouver. Collaborating day after day under those circumstances, everyone became really close.

“We fell in love on the set,” List said of herself and Monaghan. “In the middle of it, Cameron and I started realizing that we liked each other and started dating after.”

They made their relationship public in September 2017. One of the reasons that List said she hit it off with him was because Monaghan knew the pressures and challenges of an acting career first-hand.

“He’s so understanding which is so nice and I am too,” List said “We’re always like, ‘If work comes up, that’s fine, that comes first.’”

List and Monaghan reportedly split in January 2019. E! News observed that their breakup seemed to be friendly. The two attended the premiere of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet together.

Monaghan And Shameless Co-Star Ruby Modine Were Reportedly An Item In 2016 And 2017

Actress Ruby Modine was reportedly another of Monaghan’s flames. She portrayed Sierra Morton in Shameless and appeared in the slasher film Happy Death Day and its sequel.

Modine is also the frontwoman of a band called Ruby Modine and the Disease. Her dad is actor Matthew Modine.

He Reportedly Dated Sadie Newman In 2015

Newman is a British model who works with Elite Model Management NYC and WILHELMINA LOS ANGELES. She has also dipped her toes into acting, most recently having appeared in the 2018 film Holmes & Watson, starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Unlike His Shameless Character, Monaghan Is Not Gay

Monaghan played a gay character on Shameless, so some people assumed that he is gay in real life, or they at least wondered about his sexual orientation. When Vanity Fair asked him about it in 2011, He addressed the issue forthrightly.

“I’m not gay myself, but it’s a role I’m very happy to play. I’m always happy to support the gay community. Ian’s a really fantastic part. A non-stereotypical part. And I think a lot of teens—and a lot of gay teens, especially—will really relate to the role.”

Cameron Monaghan seems to be establishing himself as a versatile, appealing young actor who is up for the challenge of playing a wide variety of roles. He has been romantically linked to women who are successful actresses and models.

It doesn’t look like Monaghan is ready to settle down with someone yet, but we’ll certainly be watching.


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