All About Ralph Fiennes’ Ill-Fated Marriage To Alex Kingston

Ralph Fiennes is revered for being an exceptionally versatile and gifted actor. From his gut-wrenching performance as the merciless Nazi concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List (1993) to his portrayal of New York’s controversial urban planner Robert Moses in David Hare’s play Straight Line Crazy (2022), Fiennes has proven repeatedly that he can deftly handle the most complex stage and screen roles.

Fiennes has had relationships with women that fizzled in a blaze of headlines and speculation due to his alleged infidelity, One of them was his marriage to actress Alex Kingston. Here’s what we know about Fiennes’ romantic relationships and what brought them to a close.

Fiennes And Kingston Were Together From 1983 To 1997

Fiennes and Kingston met while attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and dated for 10 years. The pair got married in 1993 and divorced in 1997 after Fiennes had an affair with actress Francesca Annis.

According to Today, the pair met in 1995 while they were in a theatrical production of Hamlet—Fiennes as the title character and Annis as Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother. Fiennes and Kingston were still married. Annis and her then-partner, photographer Patrick Wiseman, had three kids.

Kingston was reportedly crushed and struggled with her self-worth when she learned of Fiennes’ infidelity. The Evening Standard said that she was suicidal in 1997 when her marriage to him collapsed as a result of the affair.

Fortunately, things improved considerably for Kingston after her dark period of despair. She left England to settle in Los Angeles, had an ongoing role as a doctor in the hit TV drama ER, got remarried to a German journalist, and had a daughter.

Fiennes and Annis Split In 2006

Ralph Fiennes (L) and Francesca Annis smiling in closeup photo
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When Fiennes and Annis, who was 18 years his senior, split up, they had been together for 11 years. Rumors were swirling that he cheated on her with a Romanian singer named Cornelia Crisan. The subject was so taboo to Annis that a reporter who interviewed her for The Telegraph at the time was instructed not to bring Fiennes up in their conversation.

Annis reportedly told her former partner, Patrick Wiseman, that she was sorry about what happened. Their three kids evidently forgave her.

Kingston was asked by The Evening Standard how she felt about her ex-husband’s split from his mistress-turned-partner. Her reply was seemingly curt and dismissive. “I feel no connection to him or to her now. It’s been so long, I can’t quite believe I was ever married to him.”

Fiennes’ Liaison With A Quantas Flight Attendant Made Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons In 2007

Fiennes found himself embroiled in another nasty scandal involving his love life when he allegedly had a liaison with a flight attendant in the bathroom of a Quantas flight. There was no comment from Fiennes or anyone representing him until his PR manager, Sara Keene, finally said that the flight attendant, a woman named Lisa Robertson, was a actually the culprit.

“She initiated the encounter,” Keene told The Daily Telegraph. “This woman seduced him on a plane. She was the sexual aggressor.”

Keene also said that Robertson gave a statement to Quantas that supposedly said Fiennes initiated the incident “and virtually accused him of forcing himself upon her,” which Keene denied was true.

She also cast doubt on Robertson’s credibility, adding that Robertson had allegedly changed her story more than once and was paid for it by the highest bidder.

Fiennes himself declined to comment. His rep said, “There’s not enough money in the world that will make him respond in person.”

The episode provoked some laughs on a skit from an Australian sketch TV show, Comedy Inc.

An actor playing a commercial airliner’s captain came on an intercom and told the performers playing the passengers, “If anyone wants to join the mile-high club, make your way to the toilet cubicle now.”

Fiennes Has Kept His Love Life Very Private Since 2007

Perhaps as a consequence of all the negative publicity Fiennes got when he strayed from his supposedly committed relationships with women, he started hunkering down regarding his dating and romantic life.

In 2019, he was seen in public with an attractive, unknown brunette woman while making a Kingsman movie in Italy. The two looked cozy in some snaps published by Metro, with Fiennes planting a peck on her cheek, walking around town with her and checking out the Egyptian Museum together. It wasn’t clear if the connection between them was intimate or just friendly.

Fiennes Has Never Had Any Children

His aversion to having kids seems to stem from his own experiences growing up. Fiennes was the eldest of six children.

He humorously told The New York Times, “I had kids when I was a kid.” Money was sometimes hard to come by in the Fiennes household as well. His mom ruefully lamented, “Why do we have so many children?”

Those unhappy memories stuck with him. In addition, Fiennes seems to prefer a life of peace and tranquillity. That’s not always possible when you have rambunctious youngsters.

As Fiennes’ sister said, he likes to be “where there are no dogs vomiting or kids that are screaming.”

Ralph Fiennes seems to be a celebrity whose fidelity issues have gotten in the way of the permanence of his relationships. His marriage to Alex Kingston ended badly, apparently for that reason, as did his lengthy romance with Francesca Annis.

As far as we know, Fiennes is not with any particular woman right now. He’s concentrating on his career and crafting more brilliant portrayals for audiences to savor.

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