Alpen Organics CBD Review (Awesome CBD)


My Alpen Organics CBD Review and Assessment

Below I will list each product I have tried from Alpen and discuss what I have noticed as far as taste, texture and effects.

Alpen Mind Tincture (1000mg)


The first Thing I noticed is that the oil is a nice clear, pure color. As far as the taste goes, it is exactly as the company claims, I didn’t notice a taste at all. It was very easy to take and would even be perfect adding to juice or a favorite recipe.


The effects are awesome on this CBD. I noticed initially during the day that most of my stress seemed to dissipate, it was very calming. It helped reduce that anxious feeling and helped keep me focused. I did get a little more on the tired side though, which brings me to my next point. The CBD worked really well for my insomnia, when taking the CBD at night, I would get tired pretty easily. Not drowsy but a natural feeling of tiredness. I noticed every time I took it, I would nod off to sleep pretty quickly, and more amazingly I would stay asleep most of the night, and this is coming from someone who every night wakes up an uncountable amount of times. The last thing I noticed was that I had really vivid dreams when using this oil at night, they were pretty easy to recall in the morning.

I would definitely recommend this oil for insomnia.