Alyssa Milano Taught Herself To Paint During COVID, And Yeah, She’s Pretty Great


Although COVID-19 lockdowns were tough on all of us, a few people made the best of it by starting a new hobby. Even Alyssa Milano took the opportunity to try a new pastime. When lockdowns began in March 2020, Milano decided to teach herself how to paint with watercolors. And yeah, she’s pretty great at this artform.

In a recent Instagram reel, Milano shows the world how much she has progressed since first experimenting with watercolor painting. In fact, the video follows the 49-year-old painting a tough subject: her daughter!

As the actress says, “Still learning. This is an attempt to paint my daughter.” The thing is, it’s more than just an attempt. The painting of Milano’s daughter is beautiful! 

The reel begins with a sketch Milano has drawn of her daughter’s face. In the following clip, the actress paints the undertones of her daughter’s face and eyes. Next, Milano brings her daughter’s face to life by highlighting her eyes and lips. Then, the actress adds vibrant colors to her daughter’s hair, contrasted with a lovely blue turtleneck. In the final frame, a golden halo in the background brings the child’s face even more to life.

It’s a stunning work of art, especially for someone who has only been watercolor painting for two years! Since the actress has shared some of her work on social media, let’s take a look at Milano’s progression.

On August 22, 2020, Milano shared a Facebook post of several of her watercolor paintings. When she first began painting during lockdown, the actress tried her hand at painting plants and animals.

Then in December 2020, she took her art to the next level by putting a call out on Twitter. After letting people know she had taken up watercolor painting in March of that year, she asked fans to share their tips and favorite watercolor supplies. And they delivered!

Fans tweeted their own paintings, favorite brushes, and what techniques they use. In fact, it’s a great thread if you’re dabbling in watercolor painting or want to learn more about the art form.

Since then, the actress continues to show her artwork. Although the painting of her daughter is the most recent Milano has shared, she also posted a few images of a watercolor painting back in July with the caption, “Florence, Italy.”

As Milano continues learning how to paint with watercolors, we’re excited to see what she decides to bring to life next!

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