Amy Schneider’s Gen X Joke During ‘Jeopardy!’ Was Hilarious


Jeopardy! is a game show for people of any age, and the contestants you see every week reflect that. During a recent exhibition round for the Tournament of Champions, semi-finalist Amy Schneider poked fun at the age gap between herself and younger contestant Mattea Roach. 

Amy Schneider Jokes About Age Difference Between Herself And Mattea Roach

Schneider, Roach, and Matt Amodio are set to head straight to the semi-finals, but the players took part in an exhibition round to practice their buzzer-pressing skills.

One category, “Hits of 2002,” gave this clue to the players: “This dance anthem by Pink says, ‘We’ll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz.’”

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Amodio incorrectly guessed “Hot In Here,” and Schneider missed with her guess of “I’m Coming Out.” The question was kicked over to Roach who correctly answered “What is ‘Get The Party Started?’”

After answering, Roach added, “One of my favorite songs from when I was, like four.” A few questions later, the contestants were back to the “2002” category, where host Ken Jennings read the clue: “‘Lose Yourself’ has the meta lyrics ‘And there’s no movie, there’s no [this actor], this is my life.’”

Schneider buzzed in and answered correctly with, “Who is Mekhi Phifer?” She took the opportunity to joke about Roach’s previous comment, saying, “One of my favorite songs when I was 27.”

Roach and Amodio cracked up, along with the studio audience. Schneider is 43, while the other two players are 24 and 31, respectively. The “2002” category was a funny reminder of the age gap between so many of Jeopardy!’s players. 

Who Will Head To The Tournament Of Champions Finals?

The exhibition round was just for Schneider, Roach, and Amodio to get back in the swing of the game, so it didn’t matter who ended up with the most points.

All three players scored so high when they competed earlier in the season that they got to skip the first few rounds of the Tournament of Champions and go straight to the semi-finals. 

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Schneider got the chance to compete in the semi-finals already, playing against start-up director Tyler Rhode and executive assistant Maureen O’Neil. Schneider won and will now advance to the finals. 

Things can get competitive on Jeopardy!, but Schneider’s joke pointing out the difference in age between her and Roach shows that there’s still plenty of time for fun on the game show. 

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