Amy Schumer Shares Her Positive Hysterectomy Experience


Amy Schumer isn’t one to shy away from laughing or talking about taboo issues. The comedian is vulnerable about her life, including the health problems she faces.

In fact, for over a year, Schumer has been an advocate for women sharing their experience with endometriosis, a chronic illness that often goes undiagnosed. Now, Schumer is sharing her experience with a hysterectomy and how it gave the actress her life back.

Although endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women, the illness is often undiagnosed because the symptoms can appear to be related to a painful period.

However, according to the World Health Organization, other symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and even infertility can also occur.

In a recent episode of The Checkup with Dr. David Agus, Schumer shared how her condition went undiagnosed even though she was complaining about severe pain for months.

“It was just a pain you can’t see,” Schumer remarked. “There is always the inclination that a woman is just being dramatic.”

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“You tell someone you get really bad cramps, and they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s being a woman,’ and you’re like, ‘No, it’s irregular,’” Shumer said to the host.

“I’ve been in so much pain, you know, my whole life—not just the week of my period. It’s during ovulation. I would hopefully get a good week a month where I wasn’t in pretty significant pain, still trying to achieve, still trying to go through life. It’s been really difficult.”

‘What I Learned Today Is That Your Period Shouldn’t Be Painful’

This isn’t the first time Schumer has talked about the disease. In fact, the comedian posted a vulnerable video last year about her struggles with endometriosis and asked other women to share their experiences with the illness.

As she openly discussed being diagnosed with endometriosis, Schumer shared that “your period shouldn’t be painful.” Apparently, the comedian has had extremely painful periods since she began menstruating—but she thought she was just being a “drama queen” by complaining about her pain. 

Thankfully, Schumer learned how to advocate for herself and was finally diagnosed with the chronic illness. She even shared a post-op video just after having her hysterectomy with the caption, “Women are made to feel like they are just supposed to ‘tough it out’ but that is bullsh*t. We have a right to live pain free. Have you ever heard of endo?”

Since having the surgery, Schumer has “felt like a new person.” As the comedian told Dr. Agus, she began to feel better “right away…It just felt like someone lifted this veil that had been over me and I felt like a different person, a new mom.”

It’s important for celebrities like Schumer to use their platforms as a way to spread awareness for various health conditions. Schumer’s experience goes to show that a hysterectomy doesn’t have to be a scary thing—sometimes it’s liberating!

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