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Anvil is Imminent: Canadian metal veterans Anvil saw a bit of an upturn in their career fortunes when their documentary movie was released a few years ago, and they deserve some luck. This Whisky gig will see them perform alongside White Wizzard, Midnight Hellion, Fatal Prophecy and Sabertooth.

Anvil are releasing new album Impact is Imminent this year, and the first single to be dropped is “Ghost Shadow” (which you can see below).

In a press release, frontman Steve “Lips” Kulow said of the song: “‘Ghost Shadow’ is my sixth sense telling me I’m being watched! Could be internet trolls or paranormal phenomenon! Either way the song is heavy as f**k!! None of our previous albums blends music and lyrics into as tight a unit as Impact Is Imminent. Everything comes together homogeneously. As a result, the new material sounds monolithic, right down to the very last details, both in terms of rhythm and harmonies. In the past, our studio sessions were sometimes like a little like jumping in at the deep end, with us having to improvise a lot and making decisions at short notice.”

Anvil is Imminent: The event takes place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 30 at the Whisky A Go Go.


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