Are They Worth The Price?


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Out of all the clothing items that I could worry about, socks are at the bottom of the list. As long as they aren’t holey or painfully tight, I’ll probably rock ‘em. (Oversized Hanes socks for men that I stole from my husband’s dresser included.) 

So, when I first heard about Bombas, I wasn’t particularly eager to try them. I figured there was no way they were actually better than my go-to crew socks from a plastic bag. That is, of course, until I started talking to my coworkers. 

After hearing their rave reviews, my self-proclaimed sock cynicism has started to fade. Here’s why I ended up buying Bombas for myself after all.

What’s So Brilliant About Bombas?

Bombas is more than a sock, undie, and shirt company. It was founded on the philosophy of donating to those in need. For every item Bombas sells, they donate the same item to the homeless. So far, Bombas has donated 50 million items to more than 3,500 communities—and they’re looking to do even more. 

Still, as much as I love a good cause, I remember the flimsiness of my TOMS flats from 10 years ago. Given Bombas’ price tag, I was still a bit hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. What really sold me were the results of the brand’s years-long R&D process. 

Bombas took all of the annoying things about socks—the things I assumed I just had to deal with—and fixed them. The company took extra time to ensure its socks were pesky problems-free. You’ll find no thin, hole-prone fabric, pilling, or painful toe seams here. 

Bombas socks feature extra-long staple cotton, an incredibly soft, smooth, breathable, and durable fabric. Long-staple cotton resists shrinkage and lasts through multiple washes and wears. The socks also feature a cushioned footbed and honeycomb arch support system. 

Slightly less skeptical, I reached out to my coworkers who have raved about their own Bombas socks.

Are They Actually Worth The Hype?

Suggest’s COO, Erika Leonard, says she now has so many pairs of Bombas that she’s gotten rid of almost every other pair she owns. “I love that they’re cute and comfortable when I’m working from home all day,” she told me. “Other socks I’ve owned get scratchy or start to wear thin after multiple wears. But my Bombas have held up for a long, long time!” (Three to four years, to be exact.)

Leonard says that as a frequent walker and runner (both for sport and chasing after her kiddo), she loves that Bombas don’t slip or cause issues in her shoes. “I have pairs that work great in tennis shoes, thicker socks perfect for skiing or hiking, and pairs with grippers on the bottom, so I don’t slide on my wood floors when chasing my toddler around.”

Our CEO, Kasey Grelle, is also a huge Bombas fan. She was looking for socks that “would hold up to the rough and tumble nature of little boys. Bombas fit the bill. Plus, her boys love that Bombas’ kids’ socks have L and R markings, so they always know which sock is which. Grelle also loves that the matching sock sets keep her from “always searching for that one elusive patterned sock.”

But it’s not just her boys who love their Bombas—she does, too. “I discovered that I can buy socks for my son that actually fit my feet. So, I’ve just been stealing his socks and wearing those. I really like the tight compression and cushion they give my feet. We’ve burned through dozens and dozens of socks in our house, but from here on out, we’re only buying Bombas.”

VP of Marketing, Anna Callahan, is also a fan. “Full disclosure, I did get them as a gift,” she told me. “But they are really great! They’re calf-length, stay up, and don’t slouch down. But they aren’t so tight that I have sock indentations when I take them off. I’ve had my pair for probably two years and haven’t noticed any major wear. I will wear these into the ground.”

All Day, Work Or Play

After hearing three for three stellar reviews from people I actually know and trust, I was sold. I started looking into my own Bombas buys. But because it can be kind of overwhelming (how many options for socks are there, anyway?!), I took the handy Bombas Sock Quiz. 

I found that my perfect Bombas sock is its Merino Wool Calf Sock. I have a couple of Merino wool sweaters, and I am very much looking forward to having that soft, cozy goodness wrapped around my feet. In fact, it’s possible that Bombas’ low-rise socks might even convince me to buy a pair of sneakers for the first time in years.

Bombas socks aren’t just made to look good and last—they’re made to feel good and to do good for the world around us. I was skeptical about the social media hype. But after water cooler chats with my coworkers, I’m eagerly awaiting the delivery of my first (of many) pair of Bombas socks.

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