As A Mom Of Three, I Was Impressed With Piccalio’s Mini Chef Helper Tower

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I’m not a mom whose family you’ll feel jealous following on Pinterest or Instagram. We’re typically five minutes late everywhere, my three kids’ hair is usually disheveled, and my pretty kitchen usually has a ton of stuff on the countertops.

We are doing well to keep all the things alive and where they are supposed to be most of the time. Of course, a little help here and there is always appreciated.

When I first came across Piccalio and its line of wooden furniture and toys, I was intrigued. Useful, fun products that also look stylish (even if I’m not posting pics on social) sounded like a win in my book. So, I decided to give it a spin.

Full disclosure: I was gifted the product in this article for review, but the opinions are all my own. 

Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower

$199 Shop Now at Piccalio


  • My two-year-old is obsessed with it and helped make breakfast for the family all weekend.
  • It’s super easy to put together.
  • It’s pretty.
  • It converts into a one-person table for your child to eat whatever culinary masterpiece they just created.
  • It’s sturdy.
  • It gives us new things to do now that my little one can be up on the same level as the big kids.


  • It does take up space.
  • It’s a little pricey, but I’m thinking it could make a really great gift to or from a grandparent (more on that later).
  • You have to assemble it.

My Initial Reaction

My tower arrived on a Friday night with my arch nemesis, the Allen wrench.  The Allen wrench and I go way back and have assembled many a dollhouse, dresser, and assorted home item together. We do not get along.

A closeup of an Allen wrench used to assemble the Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower
(Kasey Grelle)

That said, this tower came with about 20 different screws and I have to say was a breeze to assemble. There was something super satisfying about the way the screws went in and how easily the whole thing came together. I timed myself and it took 18 minutes to fully assemble.

My Two-Year-Old’s Reaction

The next morning, I unveiled the tower to child #3. He was super excited, but couldn’t really figure out how to climb into it. There’s a safety bar on the back of the tower that makes it a little awkward to climb into. Once he was in though, he was pumped to be at countertop level. 

Grelle's two-year-old son standing on the Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower
(Kasey Grelle)

The Mini Chef Helper Tower itself comes with an awesome wooden child cutting tool, so my son decided to cut up bananas and strawberries for our Saturday morning pancakes.

He was really proud of how easily it came together. His favorite part was using the whisk to stir all the ingredients. In past, we’ve either made pancakes sitting on the floor together or I’ve had him stand on a chair, which are both not ideal, so this was a great upgrade.

The Icing On The Cake

After he made the pancakes, I pulled him off the tower and unveiled my magic trick (or, rather Piccalio’s). The chair converts into a child-size table and chair!

My son was so excited to have his own special place to sit and eat his culinary creation. My oldest son was very impressed too and decided to sit on the floor and eat with his brother. Win-win: sibling bonding time. I do wish you could easily sit another kid at the table, but it works just having him on the floor. 

Grelle's two sons eating at the Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower
(Kasey Grelle)

Will We Use It?

It’s been three days, and we’ve used the Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower at least one time per day either cooking, drawing, or washing dishes. He loves being able to “have a job” and it’s great giving him somewhere safe to stand to do it. I don’t mind that it takes up space as it’s pretty to look at in the corner. I’m hopeful this will be something we’ll use until he’s five or so.


My Final Verdict

Nine out of 10 would recommend. I actually sent it in a text chain to all my girlfriends with little kids after its first use.

As I said, it’s a little pricey, so I think this would be a great gift from a grandparent. Or even better—a gift for a grandparent so that they can easily play and engage with their grandkids when they come over. Now, if it would only brush my kids’ hair or clean the countertops, I’d truly be set.

This is the only Piccalio product I have tried, but I’ve been eyeing a few others. They have a variety of wooden toys that are created to inspire their imagination while also looking good in your living space. Here’s what’s currently on my wish list.

Acrobat Balance Beam

$119 Shop Now at Piccalio

  • Encourages coordination, balance, muscle, and gross motor skill development.
  • Each set has four beams with five connectors.
  • Build different shapes with beams.
  • Recommended age: 12 months to eight years.

Surfer Balance Board

$99 Shop Now at Piccalio

  • Examples of endless usage are as a balance board, seat, fort, road, bridge, boat, or slide.
  • Promotes balance, gross motor skills, and creativity.
  • Recommended ages: 12 months to six years.

To learn more about Piccalio’s natural, sustainable pieces that keep children moving and thinking, check out their website for more details.

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