Attn:Grace Provides Real Solutions For Women Dealing With Incontinence

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When it comes to baby diapers, the choices are vast. Want something eco-friendly? Plenty of brands have you covered. Is your baby’s skin sensitive to a particular type of diaper? You can choose from about 100 others. Want a cute design? Whether you’re into muted tones or an explosion of color, your options runneth over. 

Babies are lucky. 

But if you’re an adult struggling with incontinence, it’s quite a different story. The options are so limited that many women resort to using (ineffective) menstruation products or nature pees, just like a toddler who can’t make it to a bathroom in time. 

For toddlers, that’s usually fine. But for grown women, it’s less than dignified.

Common But Not Discussed

Nearly half of women over 50 say they sometimes leak urine, according to a 2018 national poll. Yet, two-thirds of those women hadn’t spoken to a healthcare provider about the issue. That means way too many women are feeling alone and ashamed about an incredibly common problem. 

For these reasons and more, Attn: Grace has developed a line of wellness products focused on addressing incontinence and related issues. The products are soft, breathable, and absorbent, and feature sustainable, bio-based materials from carbon-neutral factories. 

In fact, the brand recently received its B. Corp certification, meaning that Attn: Grace meets high standards regarding employee benefits, charitable giving, supply chain practices, and more. (The certification process is no joke, learn more about how it works here).

Good In All The Ways

It’s great to know a company is committed to being a good global citizen. But ultimately, the product has to deliver. We can all agree that the incontinence offerings we typically see on drugstore shelves leave much to be desired in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and performance. 

The Attn: Grace founders, a wife-and-wife team launched in 2020, wanted to do better. And according to 95% of women surveyed, they have done just that. Women overwhelmingly find the products more absorbent, more comfortable, and cause less irritation than leading brands. 

So whether you’re dealing with an overactive bladder, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, or just a really long car ride, Attn: Grace has a product to help.

It Could Happen To You

Contrary to popular belief, incontinence is not just for elderly women. Stress incontinence, for example, is leakage that happens when you cough, sneeze, jog, or lift heavy objects. (If you know, you know.) Pregnancy, vaginal childbirth, menopause, injuries, some medications, and weight gain are all causal factors.

Urge incontinence, also called overactive bladder or OAB, can occur in younger women. Several factors can cause OAB, including nerve damage to the bladder, nervous system, and muscles. Additionally, diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or diabetes can cause OAB.

Whatever type of incontinence you’re dealing with, Attn: Grace has a product to help. From ultra-thin panty liners to briefs, these soft, comfy products are sturdy enough for all types of leaks. Attn: Grace also offers a hybrid period-slash-light leakage pad, which, frankly, is brilliant and totally necessary. 

Attn: Grace backs all its products with the Attn: Grace’s Skin-Safe Promise™ and a patented design. These ensure that harsh chemicals never come into contact with your skin. Their products neutralize odor while wicking away moisture and protecting your skin’s delicate pH with plant-based, breathable materials.

All Attn: Grace products incorporate the cleanest, most sustainable materials possible without ever compromising on performance. Attn: Grace is fully transparent about its ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing. So, you can be sure they’re choosing plant-based, renewable ingredients that are, in their words, Naturally Better™.

Beyond Incontinence

Attn: Grace is just getting started when it comes to women’s wellness. The founders are building the brand around their deep belief that women should be seen and celebrated as they age, rather than, as is so often the case, shaming and ignoring them.

With that in mind, Attn: Grace is continuing to develop products specifically for older women, including a nourishing barrier cream that soothes, protects, and restores skin irritated by harsh cleansers, dry climates, or prolonged wetness from urine or sweat. Bikers and runners have also found that it can prevent and treat the dreaded “chub rub” that happens when thighs rub together or against a bike seat. 

Attn:Grace has also developed organic, flushable wipes made with dermatologist-tested organic botanicals and no harsh ingredients. 

Also, look for their all-natural deodorant for dealing with those new odor challenges that often come with shifting hormones and getting older. It’s available in unscented or lavender.

Their newest product is a luxurious body oil featuring a powerful blend of omega-rich, antioxidant-filled botanical oils that absorb deep into your skin to restore it from the inside out. Plus, hazelnut, blue tansy flower, coconut, and jojoba oils make it smell divine. 

Solving Incontinence At The Source

Attn: Grace knows that products alone cannot fully address women’s intimate wellness. So to help guide you through these sometimes stressful and anxiety-inducing experiences, the brand has launched and continues to expand a resource library, including a specialist directory. There, you can find urologists, urogynecologists, pelvic floor therapists, and acupuncturists—all of whom can help women mitigate bladder leaks. 

Whether you’ve yet to try Attn: Grace products or are already a devoted customer, the good news is that the company is here for the long haul. It was named one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Wellness Brands in 2022 for, among other things, growing monthly net sales almost sixfold while increasing monthly new customers by 71% between January and September 2021.

Thanks to Attn:Grace, women’s wellness needs are starting to receive as much attention as babies’. And we can imagine a future where it’s no longer taboo to discuss incontinence and other natural issues women deal with as we age.

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