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Audiofly Flies Away: Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito have been better know as Audiofly for the last two decades, but they recently announced that they are about to split. We figured we’d better catch them quickly before they’re gone.

We have to rewind many years, to when they got their start in London. “We met through a common friend who was dating Anthony’s sister at the time,” they say. “It wasn’t until months later that we started producing together and take the whole thing seriously. The name was born sometime around 2001.”

The guys say that the Audiofly sound is a blend of styles. “Which is what we are most known for during all these years,” they say. “People call it the ‘Audiofly’ sound.”

Audiofly believe that the electronic music scene is recovering well post COVID.

“We’ve witnessed great parties happening all over again, which if course is amazing and a positive,” they say. “However, the influence social media has on the scene gets bigger every day, it seems if you don’t have an impact on socials these days it’s hard to come out as a stand-alone musician, based solely on talent.”

So why split now?

“Any long relationship takes its toll after a while and ours lasted longer than most,” they say. “We believe we both felt the need to explore our own personal journeys before calling it quits with the music industry on the whole. It’s been a beautiful journey though and one that has given us a lot of memories to cherish for years to come. The necessary experience to move forward on our own two feet.”

Looking ahead, they have plenty of irons in the fire — individually, and as a duo before ending the project.

“As Audiofly, we have a massive Flying Circus planned for the end of the year in Tulum which will feature a great selection of artists including Art department Yulia Niko and Yokoo amongst others,” they say.

“I have a remix coming out under my own new for Rony Seikaly ‘Ephimeral’ hit he released this summer which will see the light of day on the 16th of December,” says Saporito.

“I’ve completed by ‘Darker The Night’ immersion live set and have been playing this out at some shows, one of those was @art in November,” adds Middleton. “There will be more to come.”

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