August 7-13 Horoscope: No Pain, No Gain


As a waxing Moon swings through the individualistic Houses of the Zodiac, we will likely face emotional struggles to some degree. But thanks to transformative Pluto and Saturn, this strife promises to bring about significant personal progress. No pain, no gain—right?

Meanwhile, the Sun continues its stay under its corresponding sign, Leo. Those with placements in this fiery sign feel the heat of this celestial mash-up tenfold. However, a standoff with disciplinary Saturn keeps the temperature from getting too high.

What do the stars have in store for your sign this week?

When you realize something (or someone) is no longer serving you, it can be tempting to jump ship immediately. While this can be the appropriate response under the right circumstances, the stars suggest that’s not the case this time.

Instead, they’re encouraging you to keep your course—for now. You’ve identified that something isn’t working for you. Now, it’s time to dig deep into why. If you give up too early in the process, you’re doomed to end up in the same cycle further down the road.

Be wary of the distracting nature of new, shiny toys, Taurus. There’s certainly no denying that you enjoy the finer, more luxurious things—but there’s more to life than a good shopping haul. Moreover, wonton overspending will only end up hurting, not helping you.

The stars urge you to seek satisfaction in other ways this week. How can you creatively use the resources you already have on hand? What new opportunities or connections could you make with the investments you’ve made thus far?

A lot of doubt surfaces when a life chapter concludes. The natural fear of the unknown brings about what-ifs and second-guessing, but these don’t necessarily indicate you’re on the wrong path. These feelings would happen whether or not you were making the right choice. 

So, stand firm in your decision. Don’t let doubt dissuade you from standing up for yourself, your beliefs, or others. Chapters have to end so another can start. This isn’t an ending, Gemini. Rather, it’s another new beginning.

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Try not to incorporate so much ego into your emotional endeavors, Cancer. Indeed, a little goes a long way. There’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself. In fact, you should. However, too much entitlement can lead to stubborn indignation.

And in the long run, that isn’t productive for anyone. You’ll need to maintain a certain level of objectivity to handle this situation. Seeking advice from trusted loved ones can help you along this process, but they won’t know you need support unless you ask them.

As a particularly proud individual, you carry your scorn with you years after the offense occurred. In turn, you try to control situations (and others) out of fear of going through the same hurt. While your intentions might be protective, the external result is just plain bossy.

You can’t be in your element 100% of the time. Sometimes, things are uncomfortable. When these feelings of self-unassuredness arise, it’s best to use them as an opportunity for growth. The only way you’ll get better at handling unpredictability is by practicing.

Taking stock of what works and what doesn’t in your life is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it begets growth and self-improvement. But on the other, it inevitably brings about endings and goodbyes. And those are hard no matter what.

Don’t brush off these feelings as unnecessary, Virgo. Not everything in life has to be cut and dry. Allow yourself to grieve this loss for as long as you need. The prosperity that awaits you will still be there when this moment passes.

Nothing blinds one to reality quite like lovesickness. And no one is quite prone to this sentimental syndrome like you, Libra. Your people-pleasing tendencies often fall in the “to a fault” range—often to the point of codependency.

Still, you’re not daft. You can easily recognize injustices and disrespect when they’re directed at other people. What you need to practice is identifying when they’re directed at you. Moreover, you must learn to act on these realities. You are your own strongest advocate.

You don’t need to do a complete emotional overhaul to enjoy the benefits of self-growth, Scorpio. Sometimes, all it takes is a slight change of perspective. Namely, learning how to identify the difference between insecurity and intuition.

You can’t live your life paranoid that others are out to get you. People hurt other people, often without realizing it, and that’s that. Miscommunications don’t always imply malice. Be cautious of acting on an anxiety-induced adrenaline rush. These things are better approached with a cool, calm collective.

When it comes to those we keep closest to us, quality should supersede quantity. What’s the point of having crowds of friends if you can’t rely on them in a bind? This doesn’t mean you have to ditch every acquaintance.

But you should pay more mind to whom you devote your energy. If they don’t feel obliged to you, then you shouldn’t feel that way toward them. Moreover, be careful not to alienate real friends by focusing on racking up popular points.

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Taking up someone else’s cause won’t make your responsibility for your own go away. This is just a subtle form of avoidance that you’re disguising as helpfulness. Rather than meddling in someone else’s problems, why not sort out yours? 

If you must distract yourself with something else, at least take notes while you do it. How could the other person’s situation offer guidance and clarity to yours? There might be more similarities than you thought. You might as well be productive while you procrastinate.

What society would have you believe you need and what you actually need are two very different things. Our culture has created a sense of urgency that causes us to live in constant fear that time is running out. This can lead to rash decision-making.

Take a second this week to breathe. Life might feel like a rat race, but you’re under no obligation to keep up a dead sprint. You are allowed to set your pace. In fact, it’s the only way to stay sane.

An opportunity is waiting just around the corner—whatever you do, don’t let your insecurities convince you not to take it. Imposter syndrome has a funny way of creeping in at the most inopportune times; the stars urge you to ignore it.

If you open your eyes and heart, the signs will reveal themselves to you. It’s always a little nerve-wracking stepping into uncharted territory. But the personal growth and wisdom that lies in waiting for you are well worth the temporary butterflies in your stomach.

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