Awards Gossip Says Jennifer Aniston Supposedly Feuding With Reese Witherspoon Over ‘Morning Show’ Emmy Nomination

Has a recent Emmy snub forced Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston apart? One tabloid claims the Morning Show co-stars are at each other’s throats. Here’s the latest gossip about the longtime Hollywood friends.

‘New Feud Explodes’ For Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon?

The latest edition of Life & Style bears bad news. Apparently, longtime friends and collaborators Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are feuding after the Legally Blonde star received an Emmy nomination for her work on The Morning Show. Witherspoon, for her part, celebrated the nomination online. But sources note that Aniston was uncharacteristically quiet on the matter.

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“For all their displays of love and support online, Jen was silent about Reese’s big achievement. How could Reese not see it as a snub?” an insider questions. And, according to the same spy, tensions have been building between the actresses for ages now. “There have been ongoing jealousy issues. Now, their feud is exploding again!”

Apparently, it’s no wonder Aniston feels stung by Witherspoon’s successes. “They’re both A-listers and America’s Sweethearts, but Reese also has an Oscar and runs a company worth nearly $1 billion,” the tipster notes. “Who can compare with that? It must be exhausting for Jen to pretend they’re BFFs.”

Are Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Actually Friends?

The tabloids have been desperately trying to invent a feud between Aniston and Witherspoon for years, but it’s never been to any avail. First of all, Witherspoon and Aniston are huge stars in their own right. They don’t need each other’s clout to bring attention to their projects. So, if they were faking their friendship all of these years, why would they even start The Morning Show together? If Aniston was really harboring all of this jealousy and resentment for all of this time, we don’t see her actively seeking out Witherspoon to work on projects.

Furthermore, Aniston may not have rushed to congratulate Witherspoon, but she certainly didn’t let Witherspoon’s birthday pass a few months ago without wishing her “partner in crime” a happy day.

And finally, the magazine fails to give some extremely important context. First of all, back in 2020, Aniston was nominated for her work on The Morning Show while Witherspoon was not. And while Aniston didn’t get an Emmy nod this year, as it turns out, Witherspoon herself was snubbed, too. Aniston actually did receive two Golden Globe nominations for The Morning Show this year, while Witherspoon didn’t get any.

And interestingly, Witherspoon and Aniston went head-to-head in the same category for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in early 2022. As far as accolades go, Aniston and Witherspoon have been pretty equally matched for their work on The Morning Show. And, knowing that, we can’t see Aniston harboring any resentment towards Witherspoon—not for personal or professional reasons.

More Feud Gossip From The Tabloid

This isn’t the first time Life & Style has tried this schtick. Back in 2019, the magazine claimed Witherspoon and Aniston were butting heads on set. Then the outlet reported Witherspoon was secretly jealous of Aniston back in 2020 when she received her Emmy nomination. Obviously, Life & Style isn’t really in touch with Aniston or Witherspoon, and it should give this story up.

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