Best CSGO Case Opening Sites

COunter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular esports available in the world. However, it’s not just the game that has attracted attention, it is the economy behind the game – in particular CSGO skins.

The CSGO game offers an excellent selection of skins that you can use to decorate your weapons. The different skins have all different values due to various factors – including rarity and wear. If you want to become a CSGO skins collector or you are looking for a certain skin, then you can either keep playing the game for drops and money, trade with other CSGO players or head over to a case opening website, buy case keys and see what you get in the case.

In this article, you will find our top 5 case opening sites – what makes them special and how they work.

Best CSGO Case Opening and Gambling Sites

  1. CSGORoll
  2. DatDrop
  3. CSGOLuck
  4. FarmSkins
  5. Daddyskins

First on our list is CSGORoll – a case opening and crypto gambling site that is all about CSGO skins. The first thing you notice when you open is that this offers players a unique site, a fun experience and provably fair case opening and games.

This site was one of the first CSGO skin trading sites before Steam limited skin trading. The site regrouped and relaunched in 2020 with an even better look and bigger and better features – including excellent case opening. The CSGORoll website is owned by Feral Entertainment, registered in Cyprus.

Although CSGORoll hasn’t been licensed by any gambling authority, it does offer players a provably fair system. As such all case opening results and games can be checked and verified to ensure that it was completely fair and random and that the site hasn’t been able to tamper with the outcome or exploit or cheat its players. As such, CSGORoll has become one of the most well-known CSGO skin gambling sites and case opening sites, with an excellent reputation.

In total, CSGORoll offers four main games, all using the Provably Fair system. Each and every game offers players an excellent way to play and offers you a solid and fun social CSGO gambling experience. The main games available are:

Unboxing (Case Opening) is a unique kind of game that allows players to open cases a certain number of times with the chance of getting more valuable skins. The possible skins that you can win will be shown to you – and if you are lucky, you can win some pretty valuable items

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DatDrop is another top case opening site for CSGO skins and other CSGO items. As well as case opening, DatDrop also offers Upgrade and Battle Opening. There are links to alternative CSGO betting games, although they aren’t available directly on the DatDrop site.

In terms of what it does offer, there is a superb choice of cases suitable for all budgets – cases worth just a few cents, mid-range value cases and then the more premium cases that can cost several hundred dollars! In order to get started on the site, you need to register a new account and sign into the site using your Steam account.

You will then need to make a deposit into your account, which you can do via SkinPay and G2APay. As soon as this has been done, you are free to start enjoying the in-game rewards, upgrading your skins, participate in Battle Opening and open cases.

There are three main options available on the DatDrop website, with both Case Battles and Case Upgrades available on top of the case opening foundation.

Case Opening

This is the standard service offered at case opening sites. You simply use your account funds to open a case and get a random skin. There are a variety of different cases you can find on the site, with every case holding items of a specific value. In every case there are analytic odds for each item so that you know exactly what you are betting on and betting for.

Case Upgrades

This is really popular amongst CSGO player. This gives players the chance to pick an item from your inventory and replace it with an item that you would want to upgrade it to. If you think the odds of being successful on the upgrade are good enough then you will bet on it. If your luck is in, you will win the upgraded skin. this is generally recommended for someone looking for a certain item.

Case Battles

This is a completely unique feature for DatDrop players. Case Battles is a Multiplayer version of the case-opening service – and the winner takes all. If you want to join a game, you need to create a battle or join an already created battle. If you want to create a battle, you choose a selection of cases between 1 and 10. You then pay the amount you need to open every case and invite friends or random players to join your battle. when the battle is filled, then people start opening up. Whoever manages to open the highest value of cases will win. The winner won’t only win the items in their own opened cases, but they win the other players’ items as well. Those who lose will be given a skin worth 3 cents.

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One of the more recent CSGO case opening and CSGO betting sites out there is CSGOLuck, which was launched in 2021. Oned by KEKW Gaming B.V. it is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao.

The design of the CSGOLuck website is simple and attractive, making it very easy to navigate. There are quick links to all of the available games and gambling options along the top of the homepage. want to chat to fellow case openers? There is a link to the chat room to the left-hand side of the page.

The CSGO case opening, however, is one of the main reasons that players head over and visit the site – as players can buy a case for a set price – and could get great value for money. when you choose one of the CSGOLuck cases, you will be shown a list of all the items that the case could contain and the odds of the case holding that item. Some items will be more valuable than what the case cost and some will have a lower value. The more you pay for the case, the higher value item you might get. You simply but the case and see what’s inside.

Overall, CSGOLuck has lots going for it! Not only does it offer the best CSGO gambling games, but it is also one of the best CSGO opening sites out there. The features all work smoothly and are all provably fair. Players can also enjoy plenty of regular bonuses and even a no-deposit welcome bonus. It has several deposit options but you can only withdraw with skins. Taking it all into consideration, this has to be on the list of best CSGO case opening sites! Sign up for free bonus cases and more goodies today!

Sign up to CSGOLuck today and use the code BOOK1 is a cool and trendy CSGO case opening site that offers all sorts of bonuses, promo code offers and lots of different cases to open. No wonder it is a player favourite!

The site has been in operation since 20116 and despite courting some controversy, is it now stronger and better than ever, with even more features.

This is generally a skin and case opening focused site. As such, it doesn’t offer the standard casino and gambling games, with the main forms of entertainment being as follows:

Case Opening

There isn’t much to explain with this one. There is a different selection of cases on the website. The site creates its own cases for players to pick from. You simply need to choose your preferred cases and open them, hopefully, you will win higher-value skins.

The cheapest case on offer is worth $0.29 with the most expensive case being valued at $179.

Case Battles

The FarmSkins site is another site that offers you the chance to create or join a battle – and, as is the case with other Case Battles, you choose how many cases you want to gamble (a maximum of 30 is possible on this site) and up to four players can join the battle. Whoever makes the most profit from their opened cases wins all of the skins.


You can also attempt to upgrade lower-value skins to higher-value skins. Simply pick the skin you want to upgrade to and if you win, you get it. The bigger the difference in the value of the skin you want to upgrade and the skin you want to win, the riskier the bet will be.

You can also choose to add a balance from your FarmSkins account to raise the probability of winning the skin and mitigate some of the risks.

In order to open cases or join in any of the activities, you need to make sure there is enough funds in your account. FarmSkins accepts a variety of payment options including Visa, MasterCard, G2A Wallets, Skrill, Prepaid options and more. You simply need to go through the banking options and choose the best method for you – and get opening cases!

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The last on our list is DaddySkins, which is predominantly a CSGO case opening site for all sorts of items including CS:GO skins. The site opened its operations at the start of 2017 and ever since it has built up a solid and active community of case-openers.

As well as case opening, there are a number of other options to be enjoyed at DaddySkins including Jackpot games, Arenas, Exchange, Upgrade and Contracts.

The deposit and withdrawal options at DaddySkins are plentiful and signing up for a new account is easy. As soon as you register, you can enjoy some very tasty bonuses to get you started into case opening and skin betting paradise – free cases, free money, you name it!

Case Opening

DaddySkins trademark feature is its case opening. Lots of players head over to the site every day to try their like at opening cases with valuable skins and getting more value for their money. Theor CSGO cases are some of the most sought after in the industry and they can cost anywhere between a few cents up to hundreds of dollars.VGO cases have also become more popular.


Upgrade is another excellent feature available at DaddySkins. With this feature, you can swap a lower value skin with a higher value skin. If you win, you can choose the skin that you want to trade your lower-value skin with. Your odds of winning depend on the difference in value between the skins. The great the difference, the higher the odds.

Considering the case opening site hasn’t been around for as long as some of the others, it has done very well and is now one of the leading CSGO case opening sites now. It offers an excellent selection of case opening options all within a reasonable price range. Moreover, it is a secure and trustworthy site, operating under a provably fair system. It comes highly recommended and is one of the best case opening sites around.

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The Benefits of Third-Party Case Opening Sites

Because CSGO is becoming ever more popular its skin market players are always looking for different possibilities and even better ways to get hold of their favourite skins. This was when CSGO Case opening sites appeared on the CSGO market. When they started emerging in 2016, they offered players a similar experience as Valve case opening, but even cheaper and with a greater chance of winning more valuable and cool skins.

As a result, as time passed, these third-party case-opening websites started to become increasingly popular and millions of players head over to open cases at these sites every single day.

The Best Case Opening Sites

Now, Case Opening has become a central part of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. Indeed, some of the very best CSGO gambling sites also act as top CSGO case opening sites – allowing you to open valuable cases and get hold of rare skins. They are attractive because they normally offer even better odds to win rare skins than official Valve CSGO cases. However, we would only suggest you visit safe and legit sites such as those listed on our best sites list! Good luck and get case opening!

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