Best Hiking Options in Los Angeles


Staying active and fit is so important to maintaining physical and mental health. There are many options for staying healthy and working out, and one of my favorites is walking/hiking. Walking and hiking can be an easier option for some, but you are still getting amazing benefits. There are so many amazing hiking/walking spots in L.A. that are worth trying. Whether you are meeting up with a friend to talk and catch up, trying to get a good workout in and stay active, or wanting a pretty view and scenery, there are so many options here in Los Angeles. In L.A. you can choose from a variety of city, mountains, and even beach hikes because L.A. truly does have it all!

Mount Hollywood Trail is a 5.3-mile loop that overlooks the city. It is a moderate hike that is good for hiking or running and kid-friendly as well as dog-friendly. This hike is great for the scenery and exercise. The trail runs along the eastern side of Mount Hollywood and allows you to see a clear view of all of L.A. Betty B Dearing Mountain Trail is another great option and is more of a rural hike. You will be surrounded by wildlife and greenery and have a moderately hard mountainous trail. It is a 5.0-mile hike, out and back, and has a view of the city.

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Malibu Creek State Park has a few options for a fun and exciting hike. There are rock climbing options, lakes, and rivers on top of the gorgeous scenery. You can choose to either have a flat stroll along the canyon floor or the climbing ridge of the Castro Crest. After this hike, you could spend the rest of your day at Malibu beach since you’re nearby! Solstice Canyon is another amazing option in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is a 6-mile, shaded hike including a small waterfall, ruins of a burned-down mansion, and the oldest stone building in Malibu. These sites are so unique and an amazing thing to experience while exercising. There is also a view of the coast which is very aesthetic and great for pictures.

There are also countless beach walking/hiking trails if you are looking for more of a relaxed and peaceful walk. Corral Canyon Trail in Malibu is a relaxed 2.5-mile loop that has a river, and views of the coast of Malibu with lush chaparral shrubbery. At the top, you will have a breath-taking view of the ocean and views from Palos Verdes to Point Dume. This trail captures Southern California’s iconic landscape and dream living location. Point Dume Cove Trail is a relatively easy 1.4-mile loop. It is located near Point Dume State Beach in Malibu as well. On this trail, there is a wide view of Santa Monica Bay. Bluffs Beach Trail is an easy 3.8-mile loop with a spectacular coastal view of the southeast. You’ll be surrounded by coastal brush and cliffs that have beautiful lookouts. Some other beach trails to look into are Salt Creek Trail, Sara Wan Trail, Seascape Trail and Golden Cove Trail, and Ventura Botanical Gardens Trail. Visit for additional information.

There are so many options in L.A. for scenic hiking/walking trails. Los Angles is such a wonderful place to hike, ranging from beautiful views of the city to nature trails to beach trails, there are numerous desirable options. Being outside and staying active amidst lovely views is a great way to stay healthy and motivated.

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