Bethenny Frankel Gets Real About Plastic Surgery In Latest IG Post

Bethenny Frankel is getting real about plastic surgery. The Real Housewives star is coming out about all the work she’s done to her face over the years. As Frankel shares the truth about plastic surgery, she also encourages other women to do the same.

The Skinnygirl CEO is adding her voice to the plastic surgery conversation. In a recent Instagram reel, the 52-year-old opened up about the fillers and surgery she has had done over the years. Surprisingly, it may not be as much work as you might expect.

In the reel, captioned as “The Plastic Surgery Tour Part 1,” Frankel told her fans that she is being upfront and honest about plastic surgery. “I owe it to you to be totally transparent with you because I entered into this beauty space,” the TV personality shared.

“I feel a responsibility based on the fact that we’ve been talking about skin and beauty. And it would just be fraudulent for me to just go do something and act like this was natural.”

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Frankel then talked about her recent plastic surgery consultation tour. She was inspired to do the consultation because, as she said, “A good friend of mine who is a major celebrity said to me, ‘You’re late. Everyone your age has done something and everyone’s lying about it.’”

‘I Would Just Like A Little Help Along The Way’

Although Frankel likes the way she looks, she admitted that she might want to have more work done in the future. “I don’t want to do it later when everything’s really hanging,” remarked Frankel. “I would like to look like myself.” 

Driven by honesty, Frankel also shared the multiple treatments that she’s done over the years. Apparently, she’s had filler once, Botox once or twice a year, and a breast lift 15 years ago. As she continues to age, the reality TV star “would just like a little help along the way.”

As Frankel contemplates plastic surgery, she knows that people will judge her. However, the star is OK with that as long as she’s being honest with her fans.

“Whatever you want to say, I get it,” said the CEO. “Judge me. But you will not judge me for lying. I won’t lie to you because we’ve discussed so many things with beauty and age and that would be a full fraudulent scam.”

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Frankel ended her thoughts on plastic surgery by encouraging more women to be truthful. She doesn’t want women to be afraid or “insecure” to tell the truth.

Apparently, the TV personality knows that honesty is the best policy even when it comes to plastic surgery.

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