Bey Models’ Attention to Detail Helps Talented Models Flourish


The modeling industry is competitive, and it is hard for your career to take off. It requires dedication, perseverance, and a solid network to get a modeling gig, especially in high fashion. This pushes some to give up. Many incredible talents end up undiscovered because they don’t have anyone to walk this journey with them, and this is where Bey Models steps in.

Bey Models is a full-service modeling agency helping talented models develop and reach new heights in their careers. Bey Models supports these young dreamers, molding them into great models and helping them get more modeling gigs.

According to Ritchelli Rodriguez, the founder, and CEO of Bey Models, their goal is to give models a platform to showcase their talents and monetize them. Bey Models is working to build a second home for models, making their journey to the top less daunting, and Ritchelli’s solid network in the entertainment and fashion industries is making this possible.

Ritchelli Rodriguez, popularly known as Rich Bey, is a social media influencer, rapper, and entrepreneur. He has shared stages with notable names in the music industry and has built a successful online brand with over 100K subscribers on YouTube. Rich Bey is leveraging this connection to help talented models launch their careers and cement their spots in the fashion and modeling industries.

Another factor that sets Bey Models apart is their attention to detail. Bey Models has a solid scouting process. There is a strict list of criteria that both the model and client must meet before they work with someone.

Rich Bey explains that this helps them get great talents who are not in the industry for the money or fame but love what they do. A career in modeling is not easy, and you do not reap the benefits overnight. For stars like Gigi Hadid, it has taken years of hard work for their careers to take off, and if you are only in the field for fame, you will be pushed down by the first obstacle, says Rich Bey.

Seeking more than just looks, Bey Models is looking into personality, skills, and talent. Bey Models chooses each individual it recruits based on several factors, making it easy for them to develop these models and get them contracts with big brands.

 As Rich Bey continues to grow Bey Models, he says his goal is to build a more diverse brand that will give talented models a chance to live their passions. Rich Bey is helping models build a solid brand and grow their careers as he shows them that while it is challenging, it is not impossible to establish a great career as a model.

His advice to young models looking to join the industry is to believe in themselves. Do not be afraid to express yourself and invest in your career and network. Rather than waiting for people to recognize you, create your own opportunities, be on the lookout for open casting calls, and use social media to demonstrate your skills. You never know who is watching, says Rich Bey.


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