Bhi Bhiman Uses Creativity to Cope with Death in New Album “I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous”

There’s no arguing with the fact that most Americans have adopted an existential lens on life these past few years. Between a rising climate crisis, worldwide pandemic, horrifying mass shootings and now, a very controversial supreme court ruling, people are tapping into their emotional reserves just to cope. Joined by musician Bhi Bhiman, we are witnessing a shift in focus toward mental health and Bhi’s latest album confronts the reality of our situation hands on. He boldly acknowledges the elephant in the room: the fact that death is always present in our life and our acceptance of death ultimately dictates how we choose to spend our days here on earth. Over the past few years, we have coped with so much loss, which has impacted the overall trajectory of our lives in massive ways.

At the height of the pandemic, Bhi coped with the tragic death of his father in law while he and his wife were juggling what felt like a non-stop stream of bad news. The first single, released at the top of 2022, “Up All Night” shares a musically stripped down story of late nights that he spent caring for his daughter while his wife was away caring for her dad. The song is about sacrifice and love – things that we feel more deeply from family during tragic times. Quick to follow was his song “Helpless”. Also inspired by loss, “Helpless” drives home the fact that we’re living through a remarkably tough, but also contemplative time. And that to be human is to embrace both the profound and surreal, and above all to grab moments of joy where you find them and hold on.

Now, back with his 8 track album, Bhi continues the theme of how the living cope with death with his track “It’s Only Just Begun” – a song inspired by loss of Bhi’s younger cousin to suicide. Navigating his personal ups and downs as well as the ups and downs of the world and our country has proven challenging, but for Bhi, music led the way. While the core influence behind his album was pain and loss, musically, Bhi stayed true to his signature style of combining lighthearted melodies with heart-on-sleeve storytelling. The captivating juxtaposition creates a soul-stirring reaction for listeners who can relate to the collective heaviness felt in our world today.

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