Bizarre Source Claims Diana Ross Apparently Wants ‘Final Fling’ At 78


Diana Ross has indisputably had one of the most powerful and successful careers, but one recent rumor says that she’s still looking for something new in her personal life. Apparently, Ross is looking to land a younger man. Here’s what we’ve heard.

Diana Ross On The Prowl?

The headline in a recent issue of the Globe shouts, “Cougar Diana Prowling For Young Love!” According to the story, the legendary singer “wants one final fling at age 78” after swearing off men years ago. In fact, a source claims that her recent performance at the Platinum Jubilee in the UK was partially to let her meet “eligible younger men” afterwards.

“She’s kept herself in good shape, as her Jubilee concert proved,” the anonymous source says. “She’s recently added a list of beauty rituals to glam up—new clothes, switching up her exercise program, beauty treatments, and a few nip/tucks, though she’d never admit it.” 

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The magazine then reminds readers that Ross has stayed single since her 2000 divorce from businessman Arne Naess Jr., whose death apparently hit Ross especially hard. “Friends have been urging her to get out there again, and she’s feeling it too,” the source says.

“Up until now, Diana never thought much about dating because she had her kids and her grandkids and her life seemed full,” they conclude. “Now she’s looking for a sexy younger man, someone who can check all the boxes for her. She’s got a lot of prospects already and it won’t be long before she’s hooked one!” 

Is Diana Ross Dating Again?

First things first, Diana Ross is absolutely capable of finding a date if she wanted to, as she’s a legend for a reason. However, it’s beyond tacky to treat such an icon in such an unsavory way. Ross’ personal life is just that—personal. Regardless of whether or not she’s interested in someone who is 38 or 78, it’s cruel to recap personal tragedies to sell a silly rumor. 

That being said, the rest of this report doesn’t quite add up. While she’s of course aged since her peak, Ross still looks as incredible as she has for the past several years; the anonymous source’s claims that she’s all of a sudden getting plastic surgery and switching up her lifestyle ring absolutely false. And it’s not like Diana Ross has ever given up on love—she made her career with it.

It’s rude to imply that Ross’ Jubilee performance was for anything but the love she has for performing and her fans. Besides, she likely won’t have too much time for any British dates before she’s performing somewhere else thanks to her busy schedule.

Other Celebrity Dating Rumors

The Globe is pretty notorious for concocting celebrity dating drama where there is none. Earlier this year, it claimed that Angelina Jolie was supposedly the target of another celebrity’s prowl. The outlet also argued that Kirstie Alley was secretly trying to land John Travolta. Heck, it even published a story about Michelle Obama apparently trying to pick up Lewis Hamilton. The tabloid has struck out one too many times. The Globe obviously needs to actually listen to Diana Ross for once and stop in the name of love.


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