Bleed eSports Becomes Leading eSports Team in Southeast Asia

Like every other industry, sports have also evolved given the rising spate of digitalization, as the political and geographic gap continues to wane. With the growing popularity of Esports, players and sports lovers from across the world can now be a part of a sports team or event that they are passionate about. The popularity of Esports will continue to soar among gaming enthusiasts and players, as more knowledge and enlightenment of lucrative opportunities in this industry continue to materialize.

Bleed eSports, a relatively new entry in this space, has already become an industry disruptor for all the right reasons. The Esports organization, founded in 2021 by Mervyn Goh, also a co-owner, has recently been setting headlines for achieving a series of milestones. Bleed eSports became the first Asian e-sports team in VALORANT that imports players from Europe. Generally, Europe is considered the epicenter of e-sports, and flowing from this, famous players either hail from Europe or migrate from other places to take advantage of better opportunities.

Bleed eSports has created history by becoming the leading importer of off-the-chart and best players from Europe to South East Asia or, Singapore where its boot camp is based. Currently, Bleed eSports has some of the top players in the lineup, such as Maxie, Pyth, Deryeon, Lenne, Retla, and Shinsei. While this initiative might seem like a straightforward one, there are inherent challenges, as expected of any business; quite notable is convincing these professional players to join a comparatively new E-sports team was not easy for Bleed eSports. Trusting a new organization is always the main challenge with professional players, while relocating to Singapore was another. However, Bleed eSports persisted in its attempt to convince these players, investing much time and resources to finally succeed.

After months of hard work and dedication, Bleed eSports has carved a space for itself and established its name in the highly competitive esports industry. Professional players are more intimated about this raving organization from the series of awards and accolades it won. Within 5 months of inception, Bleed eSports secured the third position in VCT 2022 as the APAC Stage 1 Challengers.

Winning the SEA Esports Championship in 2021 as the Singaporean Qualifier was the first big achievement for Bleed eSports. The team also became the runner-up in VCT 2022 in Malaysia & Singapore at Stage 1 Challengers. Add to the long list of accomplishments is signing LEGIJA as head coach and s3rius as Assistant Coach. On May 29, Bleed eSports kickstarted its own sports training academy by the name “Bleed Academy.”

Bleed eSports continues to enjoy healthy recognition among esports fans in all international tournaments. The team behind this organization is a small group of talented professionals who are passionate about this project. The team left no stone unturned to scale up the organization as a credible brand in the esports industry both in terms of in-game achievements and showcasing future potential. Although Bleed eSports has somewhat limited market demography, the organization is known internationally.

Bleed eSports looks forward to making a mark in more international tournaments in the coming years. The organization continues to aspire to become a global household name among e-sports enthusiasts. Nothing good comes easy; however, the team remains resolute about consistently growing its market. Bleed eSports wants to make itself a sought-after platform for professional players in the future.

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