Bob Barker Once Made Amateur Mistake While Hosting ‘The Price Is Right’

Hosting a game show may look easy, but even seasoned pros can mess up from time to time. In a recently unearthed clip of an episode of a 1984 episode of The Price is Right, Bob Barker can be seen accidentally giving a contestant the answer to the puzzle. 

Bob Barker’s Rookie Mistake

During Pick-A-Pair, Barker asked a contestant named Albert to choose two products that are the same price. The products included items like raisins, honey, mascara, and chocolate chips. 

Albert was given the price of a can of chili: $1.59. He then had to guess which one of the products matched that price. He first guessed that a loaf of garlic bread was the same amount, but Barker revealed that it was actually $1.19. 

“Do you know which one of them is $1.59?” Barker said. “The raisins. The raisins are $1.59. Do you know how I know they’re a $1.59?” But before he can explain, the game show host stops himself. 

“Oh, wait a minute, what am I doing?” he laughed. “The game’s not over.” As the audience laughed at Barker’s slip-up, the host put his arm on Albert’s shoulder and said, “I tell you what, I think you have a pretty good chance of winning this game, Albert.”

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“Don’t stand there and laugh at me,” Barker continued. I’m making a fool of myself, Albert. I’ve been here for all these years, playing this game. You know it well enough, you knew that I was goofing.”

Fan Reactions Today: ‘Bob Is A Legend…Such Class’

Even though Barker gave away the answer to the game, he let Albert continue to compete, jokingly asking him if he was going to keep his answer of garlic bread or choose a different item to match the price of the can of chili. 

No surprise, Albert changed his answer to the raisins, winning the game of Pick-A-Pair and a trip to Japan. Barker and Albert laughed and shook hands as the studio audience continued to crack up at the game show host’s mistake. 

Even though this clip is from the ‘80s, it’s still delighting Price is Right fans today. “Bob is a legend, perhaps the greatest gameshow host ever. His charisma is priceless,” one person commented on the YouTube video. “I can’t remember what the prize was but on another show the contestant had lost the game yet Bob declared the person a winner by mistake. He decided to give the person the prize as a result after realizing what happened. Such class.” Another game show host might have ended the game, or started it over, but Barker’s handling of the situation endeared him to fans then and now.

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