Bossa Bars’ Founder Started The Company After Menopause And The Pandemic Hit Her Health

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When the pandemic hit, Julie Gordon White, who had been an entrepreneur, author, and business coach for more than 20 years, began spending her time baking sweet treats for her sons. She helped herself to her creations, too … cookies, along with chips, candy, and other members of the junk food group she’s dubbed “The Killer C’s.” White noticed her sugar and salt cravings becoming more intense and insatiable. 

Paired with menopause-related hormone changes, White knew something had to change. And where better to start than where she was already spending so much time—the kitchen. She began experimenting to find the perfect snack: sweet, salty, and if it could mitigate pesky menopause symptoms, all the better. 

That’s how Bossa Bars were born.

Pandemic Pounds Turned To Profit

When it rains, it pours, and that’s how life was feeling for White two years ago. Menopause brought on hot flashes, brain fog, discomfort, food cravings, and weight gain—the last two of which were only exacerbated by, well, everything that was 2020.

“I needed to make a better choice to be healthy,” White told me as we chatted about her new company. 

“I started researching natural ingredients that can help with menopause-like symptoms,” White continued. “That’s when I discovered maca, which is a really amazing natural root. It’s been around for a long time and comes from Peru. It helps balance hormones and blood sugar.”

White knew her perfect snack would need more than maca, which has a nutty, butterscotch-like flavor. So, she added chocolate, plant-based (pea) protein, flaxseed, MCT oil, and almond butter. While not all of her experimental batches were winners at first, she knew she had created something special when her husband and sons started sneaking bars behind her back. 

That’s when she knew she had to share Bossa Bars with her friends—and, with a bit of extra elbow grease, the world.

Bringing Out The Best In Bossa

In addition to providing a tasty, satisfying snack for her and her family, White noticed the extra weight around her middle started to shrink. Her menopause symptoms were not nearly as bad as they once were, and she was beginning to feel more like herself. Using her decades of corporate experience, White assembled a team of friends, coworkers, former students, and mentors to bring Bossa to us (and thank goodness they did). 

Bossa Bars

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The heavy-hitting Bossa Bars team took White’s tasty, homemade snack to the next level with organic cacao nibs and mouthwatering Himalayan salt. Chemists and scientists ensured every ingredient worked symbiotically in terms of flavor, texture, sustainability, and shelf life. All the while, White oversaw the manufacturing process to make sure Bossa Bars stayed true to her at-home creations. 

“It was just an idea two years ago,” White said. “And then, seven months later, we were in production and shipping out the first batches.” Because you know who can get things done better than anyone? An uncomfortable, unhappy menopausal woman bound and determined to feel normal again.

The Bossa Trifecta

Bossa Bar with ingredients around it and details about their benefits
(Bossa Bars)

Bossa Bars currently has two delectable flavors, with more on the horizon. Double Decadent Chocolate and Toasted Vanilla Almond are available right now, with Double Chocolate Brownie available for pre-order now. The company plans on rolling out Blueberry Lemon and Peanut Butter Chocolate in the next year. Every bar is 160 calories, all-natural, and gluten-free. 

But the real magic, White explained, is in its trifecta formula. Bossa Bars contain “the power of maca to help balance blood sugar and hormones and plant-based protein because we need to maintain our muscles because that’s what keeps our metabolism strong and helps with belly fat.”

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“Fiber, because it keeps us full and things moving,” White said. “And that’s what helps us get through these hard sugar cravings and excess weight around [the] middle. While looking good is great, longevity is what it’s all about. That’s why those ingredients are so important. I was really thoughtful [in choosing ingredients] for myself, so I needed to be thoughtful for my friends, too.”

Bring Bossa To You

“That’s how I was able to manage my cravings so much better. I had this choice that was available to me, and I didn’t have to think about it. I just went to it. And it felt great because I knew I was making a choice that was going to make me feel better because it was designed for the stage that I was in. I still eat them every day,” White said.

Midlife is hard enough as it is without decision fatigue, managing cravings, and getting adequate nutrition making it even harder. White wanted to celebrate this stage of life by “honoring the experience and not minimizing the challenges.”

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“I choose to see the positive in this time. We have a new sense of self, wisdom, and a desire to actually be who we authentically are. You actually start to trust yourself. When we listen to our bodies, to ourselves, there’s an empowering message there. That’s our time; you have earned it.” 

Manage your menopausal symptoms, satiate your salt and sugar cravings, and feel better overall with Bossa Bars. You can buy your next batch on Bossa’s website and receive 10% off your order with promo code SUGGEST10 or via Amazon (currently only Toasted Vanilla Almond is available via Amazon).

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