‘Breakfast Club’ Co-Stars Molly Ringwald And Ally Sheedy Just Met Up For Dinner And Our Gen X Hearts Are Exploding


Actors can sometimes turn an onscreen connection into a real life friendship—just ask Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy! The Breakfast Club co-stars recently met up for an early Christmas dinner. 

Molly Ringwald Reunites With ‘Psychic Sister’ Ally Sheedy

“Early Christmas present-dinner with my psychic sister Ally,” Ringwald captioned the photo of the pair with their arms wrapped around each other. Ringwald was wearing a bright red coat, while Sheedy went with light gray paired with large-frame black glasses. 

Fans of both actresses loved the picture, and the fact that Ringwald and Sheedy are still close all these years later. “My Gen X heart just skipped a beat!” one person wrote. “This is just so good to see!”

Others left jokes about a sequel titled “The Dinner Club,” quoted lines from the movie, or wrote lyrics to “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” the Simple Minds song that many consider the John Hughes’ movie’s theme song. 

Sheedy, Ringwald Have ‘A Comfortable Sort Of Closeness’

The pair met while working on The Breakfast Club, which premiered in 1985. Sheedy and Ringwald have remained friends ever since. In a 2020 interview, Sheedy said she and Ringwald are “still in regular touch.”

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“What we have is a shared experience which is very specific and unique, it’s a comfortable sort of closeness there,” she explained. “We’ve both lived through this particular thing that it became and has continued to go on and be. But mostly, we just talk about what’s happening in our lives and our kids, and basically what anyone else does.”

Is There A ‘Breakfast Club’ Reboot In The Works?

Many of the comments on Ringwald’s post asked about a potential sequel or reboot of the classic teen film, but Sheedy has said that she doesn’t think it will happen, partially because Hughes “just didn’t want that to happen.”

“It would be a completely different film, there’s no way to remake it today. I really don’t think so,” the actress went on, saying that a remake would have to address today’s issues and not be a shot-for-shot remake of the original movie. There might not be another Breakfast Club project in the works, but fans of the movie were excited to see Ringwald and Sheedy get together for the holidays!

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