Brittany Whitaker Taking People by the Hands to Learn Amazon FBA through The Secret Millionaires Academy

The internet is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities, but it takes knowing where to look and what to do to milk those opportunities. This was the situation Brittany Whitaker had to deal with before making progress in the Amazon FBA business. Now, she wants to ensure that as many people as possible get the chance to make the most out of this business model through The Secret Millionaires.

Brittany Whitaker’s journey started with her being a complete noob without knowledge about wholesale, private label or book flipping. She took the first step of learning by buying a “How to” course which didn’t exactly teach her everything she needed to know. It took personal experiments, trying things out to see what worked and making a lot of mistakes to develop her own formula for success. Now, she’s willing to share that formula to ensure that nobody has to go through the trial and error process that she went through.

Her program, The Secret Millionaires, was set up to show other women that there was a real, effective and sustainable way to earn money from home without being the face of the business or plastering their faces all over social media. “There are so many predatory marketers, industries and “make money online” scammers that target stay-at-home moms, taking advantage of our deep desire to provide for our families while caring for our children and our homes. Frankly, it’s disgusting, and nobody should have to do all that. Amazon FBA fixes that problem and gives you the anonymity you need to live privately and be successful,” Brittany said.

Brittany Whitaker’s selling point for her program is how it teaches a no-nonsense way of building a profitable business in private without joining a multi-level marketing scheme or becoming an influencer. “The Secrets Millionaires Program is the ultimate “How To” course for women who are over the typical work-from-home options and scammy schemes,” Brittany said.

With Amazon FBA, Brittany Whitaker found a real opportunity and started selling on Amazon without building her own brand. She was 26 when she started and went through the rigorous process. Now, five years later, she wants to ease that journey for as many as possible, having made her business into a profitable, income-spinning machine. “Today, my Amazon FBA business is a profitable, well-oiled machine that has blessed my family with more than I ever could have hoped for. Now, rather than simply providing an extra layer of financial security for my family, I have created wealth that will provide peace of mind for generations,” she said. “I was 26 with really bad postpartum depression and two babies. I used to have panic attacks about the amount of debt we were in. I didn’t want my kids to go to daycare for me to get a job. I wasn’t motivated to buy a Lambo. I just wanted to be able to replace my husband’s income if something happened to him, pick up my kids from school and make money on my terms.”

Brittany’s goal is to help people set up their Amazon FBA businesses and teach them her method of finding products in high demand but with low competition and representing brands on Amazon. She also wants to show them the possibility of scaling a business from $3,000 to $10,000+ monthly in their free time, in private and on their terms. She hopes stay-at-home mothers and struggling mothers take the opportunity to change their lives by signing up for The Secret Millionaire Amazon FBA program.

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