Bryce Dallas Howard Reflects On The Embarrassing Time She Cut Her Own Bangs Too Short Before A Major Event


Bryce Dallas Howard just blessed us with a hilarious Throwback Thursday post. The Jurassic World star just took to Instagram to post a photo from the time she tried to be her own hairdresser. While it may seem impossible for the glamorous Howard to have a bad hair day, she’s reminding us why cutting your own bangs is never a good idea.

Bryce Dallas Howard Shares Her ‘#BigMistake’

Bryce Dallas Howard recently revealed to us that it doesn’t matter how famous you are; even Hollywood’s finest actresses can fall victim to the lure of the impulsive DIY bang trim. It always seems like a great idea in the moment, and then you’re left with these short, awkward bangs that are just impossible to style.

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Howard recently shared a photo from years ago that perfectly exemplified why we should leave bang cuts to the professionals. In the image, Howard poses with her Jurassic World co-star Chris Pratt on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Howard looks great in a sheer shirt with a stylish black blazer. She went for an auburn eyeshadow look that matched her absolutely gorgeous hair color. However, she was sporting some short, blunt, unblended side bangs.

“#TBT to 5 years ago this week when I cut my own bangs the night before appearing on national TV. #BigMistake,” Howard wrote in the caption. The star also kindly includes visual descriptions for her followers: “BDH’s hair is down and her bangs are swept to the right because they are two to three inches TOO SHORT. Not cute short like Audrey Hepburn; short like how my Mom would cut my bangs in 2nd grade.”

Bryce Dallas Howard Currently Has Gorgeous Bangs

While Howard’s #TBT photo may have scared you off from going for the chop, Howards’ current hairstyle will have you reconsidering. The Black Mirror actress is currently sporting some much longer, impeccably styled curtain bangs. The style compliments Howard’s features so well. Truly, this classic look is something out of the Zooey Deschanel handbook and it is dangerous for those of us who own a pair of haircutting scissors.

However, let us be the ones to remind you, this look is totally attainable—with the help of a professional hairstylist. So, for everyone considering cutting their bangs, you might want to take another look at Howard’s #TBT photo. When it comes to our hair, it doesn’t matter if you’re a glamorous actress like Howard, DIY is rarely the way to go.

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