Callous Gossip Says Liam Neeson’s Family Supposedly Pushing Him To Date Again

Is Liam Neeson really preparing to date again? One rumor says the Taken star’s family is encouraging him to meet other women for the first time since his wife Natasha Richardson died in 2009. Here’s what we know.

‘Liam’s Lonely Heart’

According to Star, Neeson hasn’t been on a date in 13 years. After Richardson died in a tragic skiing accident, the Translations actor apparently gave up on love. His family and friends are supposedly trying to get him to go back out there and try again. An insider says, “They are all trying to convince him to try online dating, but he insists it’s not for him.”

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“He says there is no way you can tell who a person is by reading what they wrote about themselves” the source reveals. Neeson’s sons Micheál and Daniel apparently didn’t want their father to date at first, but now they’ve changed their tune. An insider concludes, “They’d like nothing more than to see their dad happy.”

What’s Going On With Liam Neeson?

How in blazes is it up to Star to tell Liam Neeson how to mourn Natasha Richardson? While a source says Neeson is talking about online dating, he hasn’t uttered a word about it. Furthermore, how can these so-called insiders really claim to know what Neesons’ children would like in their lives? Deeply held dreams aren’t exactly publicly knowledge.

Richardson died in 2009, leaving behind young children and a hole in Neeson’s life. Star wants to act like this was just some run-of-the-mill breakup or like Neeson is actually like his character from Love, Actually. The world isn’t a romantic comedy, and there’s no place to tell a widower what they should be doing with their life.

To top it all off, this story isn’t even factually accurate. Neeson reportedly dated his British publicist for a few years but otherwise keeps a very low dating profile. Don’t confuse privacy with inaction. What Neeson does romantically is none of Star’s business, and this callous story should not exist.

Liam Neeson Is Not Alone

Celebrity romance sells magazines, so it’s no wonder why Star continuously invents new romantic rumors. Last year, it announced Tom Cruise was moving in with Hayley Atwell. The Mission: Impossible co-stars never even publicly acknowledged any romance, but she left Cruise when filming concluded all the same.

It’s also promised dating details about Drew Barrymore’s dating activity and Jennifer Aniston’s rules for boyfriends that proved to be bogus. At least Neeson is in esteemed company at the center of needless dating stories.

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