Camilla Parker Bowles’s New Portrait Includes Her Cutest Family Member

Camila Parker Bowles was born on July 17, 1947. As the commonwealth celebrates her 75th birthday, the Duchess of Cornwall has posted a new portrait beside the cutest member of the royal family. Let’s take a look.

Camilla Parker Bowles Favorite Companion

Bowles is an animal lover. On her 75th birthday, the official Clarence House Instagram page posted photos of her with her rescue dog, Beth. Beth is a royal cutie.

The official royal family Instagram page posted a photo including Beth as well, but it’s not with a cup of tea. Both Beth and Bowles bear nearly identical expressions in each photograph.

Let’s Meet Beth

Bowles is the proud parent of two Jack Russell Terriers: Beth and Bluebell. Both are rescue dogs adopted from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, an animal welfare charity which Bowles works closely with. Bowles visited a charity last year where Beth competed in a challenge to ignore treats and toys and head for their owner. Beth did terrifically and was awarded a “Winner” trophy.

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Both Bluebell and Beth have modeled for Battersea. In a 2021 Instagram post, the pair sat on chairs and in their parent’s arms to help promote the rescue movement.

Charitable Campaign

Much of Bowles’ charity work centers on animal welfare. She is Patron of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and welcomed volunteers from the charity and many furry friends to the gardens of Clarence House. The humans enjoyed cake, while the dogs enjoyed some ice cream. The royal family posted a video of the event on Instagram.

Many Royal Pets

Most members of the royal family have a pet or two. Prince William and Kate Middleton are joined by the family dog Orla, a black cocker spaniel.

Before that, they owned another spaniel named Lupo who sadly passed in 2020.

While Bowles favors Jack Russell terriers and William likes black cocker spaniels, everyone knows which breed Queen Elizabeth loves: corgis. She’s had as many as 30 dogs in her palaces over the years. Elizabeth’s corgis even met James Bond ahead of the 2012 Olympics. It’s unknown just how many of her corgis are rescues and which stem from breeders, but it’s nice to know Bowles would choose to adopt instead of shop.

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