Can Cannabinoids Help With The Coronavirus Disease?

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Both hemp plant and cannabis plant have been very useful in treating various ailments. The cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis extracts are the major factor responsible for their medicinal effects.

Coronavirus disease has been troubling the whole world for more than two years. Even though there are vaccines and medicines, the coronavirus disease is still prevailing in society. Many studies are conducted to find whether cannabinoids can help with Covid-19 disease.

In this article, we are discussing the possibility of using CBD against coronavirus disease.

According to a study conducted by Oregon State University, it is found that some cannabinoid acids can bind with spike proteins of Covid-19. This is highly promising as the blocking of spike proteins disables the coronavirus to infect the host human being. These spike proteins are the same spike proteins that are targeted by the currently used covid-19 vaccines. The compounds that were highlighted in this study are cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) and cannabigerolic acid (CBGa). These two acids are abundantly found in hemp and possibly be used in future covid-19 medicines.

Many new variants of the coronavirus are developing and this causes a major headache in the medical field. The proliferation of COVID-19 can be effectively controlled by CBDa and CBGa. Scientists hope that by modifying CBDa and CBGa using today’s medical technology, they can provide resistance against future variants.

No, they are not the same. Acidic cannabinoids (CBDa) are found in the hemp plant. Due to its acidity, it is difficult for it to bind with our endocannabinoid receptors, and hence doesn’t show any therapeutic benefits. So the cannabinoid acids are converted to a non-acidic form of CBD by the decarboxylation process. Non-acidic CBD is widely used in all CBD products for its health benefits.

Both CBDa and CBGa are oil-soluble cannabinoids that our body can process. Whole hemp extract tinctures are available and by consuming this product, you will get your required cannabinoid acids.

Full-spectrum CBD oil can also be used. There are many CBD products in the market that are made using full-spectrum CBD oil and these include CBD edibles, CBD vapes, etc. Don’t go for broad-spectrum CBD products and CBD isolates as both of them have inferior entourage effect compared to full-spectrum CBD oil.

In conclusion, CBD is a potential candidate for COVID-19 medicines in the future. Many studies are progressing on this topic and we can hope for a positive result.

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