Can CBD Help With Treating Croup In Children?

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Croup is a chronic condition that can affect your child. It leads to severe coughing and difficulty breathing in children. This condition can create great discomfort for your kid and makes his/her life difficult. There are different ways available to treat croup in children and CBD is one of the best options among them. Through this article, we list some of the effective ways along with using CBD for croup in children:

Croup is a form of viral infection that can affect your children during the fall and winter seasons. It can infect the upper airways of kids thereby leading to swelling. The swelling of the airways can make it difficult for your child to breathe.

Croup in children usually starts like a mild cold and it can become severe in a few days thereby leading to more serious problems like pneumonia and ear infection. This is a scary and harmful disorder, as it can make your child’s life difficult because of severe breathing difficulties and chronic cough.

Croup is commonly found to affect children between the age of 3 months and 5 years. It can also affect adults. This disease is highly contagious, especially within the first few days of getting it.

There are two types of croup including viral and spasmodic. Viral croup is caused by the infection of a virus in the windpipe and voice box. Viral croup can start as a mild cold but becomes severe with a barky cough and mild fever.

Spasmodic croup occurs suddenly often in the middle of the night and your kids may wake up gasping for breath.

By administering CBD for children with croup, you can ease the symptoms and offer them great relief.  Using CBD can reduce the swelling in the airways thereby making it possible for kids to breathe easily. The antiviral properties of CBD can help with controlling the infection thereby preventing this contagious condition from becoming worse. Hence, this compound can be a great natural remedy for croup in children.

Some other natural remedies for croup are:

  • Steam: Let your child inhale moist air, as this can reduce cough and help make breathing easy.
  • Hydration: Giving lots of fluids can loosen mucus and control the distress in vocal cords.
  • Keep the head elevated, as it can aid to drain the mucus which can facilitate easy breathing.

Try these natural remedies along with CBD to help your children to get relief from the chronic symptoms of croup.

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