Can CBD Oil Help Prevent Hair Loss?


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Hair loss is one of the few problems in the world with a meager number of solutions that actually work. Although many hair loss solutions like hair oils, serums and hair transplants are being used worldwide, only a few deliver lasting results.

Recently, pure CBD oil and its derivatives have been grabbing the attention of healthcare specialists and researchers in the field of cosmetics for their myriad benefits in treating various skin and hair issues. One such health issue that can be treated with CBD is loss of hair.

Recent studies have seen positive results in using CBD oil, along with other endocannabinoids to treat hair fall and to help regrow hair. Many trials have been done in this area, showing considerable improvement in hair growth and reduction of hair loss in most participants. Let us take a look at the role that CBD and its derivatives play in making hair healthier and thicker.

Preventing hair fall requires addressing the underlying issues that lead to loss of hair such as environmental pollution, dust, chemical build-up and UV radiation from the sun. Poor food and lifestyle choices are also contributing factors to dry and brittle hair and loss of hair. CBD oil and its derivatives are known to have chemical properties that can counteract the ill effects of some of these damaging factors. For example, CBD oil-infused hair treatments can help keep the hair follicles hydrated and healthy, which in turn prevents breakage and loss of hair strands. It can also help cleanse the harmful chemical build-ups in the scalp, thereby preventing further hair damage.

Everybody loses a certain amount of hair every day. This is a natural process that eliminates unhealthy hair and dead hair follicles. The problem arises when hair does not grow back at the same pace that it is lost. This can result in receding hairlines, thinning of hair and sometimes bald spots in both men and women. CBD oil has potent components that can help improve blood circulation to the scalp and thereby to the hair follicles. This results in a greater number of healthy hair follicles and thus faster growth of hair.

The major advantage of using CBD in hair treatments is that we can make simple home remedies by infusing CBD oil with other components to make hair care products that can help curb hair fall and promote hair growth. This can help us get a hair fall solution that is effective and pocket friendly.

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